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Thursday, August 12, 2010

casper opinion and news 08-12-10

Nuns are suing Morgan Stanley for the loss of 80% of all their funds invested with Morgan. Major Insurance Companies such as Met Life and Prudential are being investigated for withholding 28 Billion in death benefits. Three and one half Trillion Dollars given to Banks, Financial Institutions, Acorn, Unions and 'Friends of Obama, Reid and Pelosi' not to mention Waters, Dodd and Frank and billed to generations of taxpayers.
Corruption and Greed and fraud where ever you look. All that 'must have it by dark' money for 'shovel ready projects' diverted and wasted.
Incompetent Communist Leadership playing Santa Claus with generations of taxpayer funds and liabilities. A new Financial Fraud every single day.
Vacation in Spain while ordering the people of the Gulf Coast to eat cake. Hundreds of Billions dumped into the black holes of Fannie and Freddie already with more to come.
Forty million people on Food Stamps while Politicians 'Swim' in wasted money.
A 'Protection Racket' being run by Government at taxpayer expense for 'Friends of Government' such as Banks, Wall Street, Unions, Acorn, Maxine Waters Husbands Bank and Barneys Casino and somebody's brother in law in the glass/window business (540K by the way). Financial Scams on such a scale the average American can not conceive much less believe. And the result? Trillions wasted. Unpayable Debt even at today's miniscule Manipulated Interest Rates.
What happens when 'Market Forces' over rule Political Manipulation of interest rates which is inevitable? A currency crisis, a mortgage crisis, a small business crisis and an inflation crisis of unimaginable outcome. A total crash. Hyperinflation. And their answer to this Economics 101 Guaranteed Outcome? Throw more gas on the fire. Pay your monthly credit card bills by borrowing more money. Fight a debt crisis with more debt. Spend the nation into oblivion. Pay off every single Socialist/Communist/Democrat voter and send the bill to future generations. Provide Social Security to 12/20 Million ILLEGAL Immigrants who never paid into the system.
Spend spend spend and then spend some more.
Give yourself more pay raises (Congress) while Rome burns. Restructure, Redistribute, Borrow, Spend, destroy the Countries Credit Rating then blame all of it on 'the failure of Capitalism' to justify a Marxist/Communist take over of the Late Great USA. And do all of it in less than four years so that elections no longer matter even if they continue for the sake of appearances. It is all INTENTIONAL friends. Saving CORRUPT FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS which created ECONOMIC DEVASTATION AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE IS NOT CAPITALISM, IT IS TREASON.
Had Capitalism been allowed to work (culling the weak and the corrupt) we would now be in the middle of a sound recovery with the Three and One Half Trillion of wasted money still available where needed. Instead they will repeat their failed policies again and again until Freedom is replaced by Communism.
The FED is a privately owned Banking Cartel and the Government is a CORPORATION operating in partnership with the Fed for their mutual benefit with the primary consideration 'Self Preservation'.
The FED and OBAMA/BUSH/CLINTON/GEITHNER/QUEEN/POPE/ETC. have done all possible to STEAL our funds, any funds from anyone anywhere, to maintain themselves in power. Preserving their utterly corrupt Fraudulent Financial Playpen is a matter of life or death for them.
Their Financial Frauds can not continue within a 'Metals Backed Banking System' with honest (Basil III) accounting standards.
Announcements from the FOMC meeting Tuesday said the Fed will use all funds from maturing previously purchased Treasuries to re-invest in new Treasuries, an open admission they are 'Monetizing the Debt'.
Watching Obama continue to blame Bush for his failures is no longer funny, it is pathetic.
The man is not capable of taking responsibility for anything and he dare not say he is following 'the plan' to destroy freedom/capitalism intentionally.
A survey released this morning says 76% of the American people are sick and tired of the "Blame Bush Strategy". The same survey reports that 71% of the American people support the values of the Tea Party Movement. In politics these are overwhelming numbers.
I'm sure you noticed our Queen stopped in England after leaving Spain, two of the four Countries assisting the sabotage operations.
Interesting Item: France, England and Germany are opposing EU taxation. Looks like they are not ready to sign over Sovereignty to the NWO either.
All this Fed/Govt Financial Junk I write about will of course become immediately worthless history, at least to us, with deliveries.
Already there are 'riots in the streets' in the U.S. as the whole phony edifice begins to collapse.
If you want to see 'what becomes of us' look not to Greece or Spain or France, look to California. With 'all the advantages' they are now a Bankrupt Welfare State. California was 'suicided' by the same Liberal Idiots now running the U.S.. The outcome will be the same, hopeless Bankruptcy with their unemployed millions increased a hundred fold at the National Level. Obama's answer to this most obvious outcome of his 'policies'? Put everyone to work for his Communist Government. Pay them excessively guaranteeing their votes. Decrease the number of those actually 'earning a living and paying taxes' to the point they can no longer support the exploding Government apparatus and WAHLAA Communism.
The Bankers here and over yonder along with 'all the usual suspects' to include Obama, the Queen, Bernake, D.C. Politicians, etc. have been told they can use the stolen cards for fish bait or whatever as they have all been cancelled. All are 'going nuts' and D.C. doesn't know what to try next. Can't say more.
casper 8-12-10

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