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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Polish Airplane Crash Cover-Up?

The following comes from a highly respected journalist in Poland.  For reasons of personal security this individual must remain anonymous:


After four months, the Polish parliamentary opposition wins the battle over the forming of an investigation committee for explaining the reasons of the president’s and his delegation’s plane crash in Russia. The committee of 120 members of Parliament (from Lower and Higher Chambers) is being led by Chairman Representative Antoni Macierewicz, who in 2008 successfully disbanded the still then pro-Russian military intelligence Wojskowe Sluzby Informacyjne (Military Information Service). Many Poles hope that Macierewicz’s committee will be able to motivate the Polish government, which as they are convinced, does not contend with the Russian deceptions on the plane crash. However, the list of those deceptions is already very long.

On April 9th the plane crash killed Polish president Lech Kaczynski, his ministers, the Army’s highest commanders, members of Parliament and many other officials in Smolensk, Russia. President Kaczynski and his delegates flew to pay homage to 22,000 Polish officers murdered in Katyn forests near Smolensk by the Russians in the biggest still unpunished war crime.

The first president who offered his condolences to the Polish nation in the face of the death of their best leaders was Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. He took Poles, who were in a state of deep shock after the loss of their president and 95 high state officials, by surprise and in an hour after the catastrophe as he established himself as the leader of an investigative committee. The next day Russian president Medvedev told Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk that Russian prosecutors will be working together with their Polish counterparts. It became obvious a little later that Medvedev acted according old Soviet tradition – tell one thing and act contrary to what you said. Putin-led investigative committee is not different from well-known to Poles Soviet-style committees. Contrary to investigative teams formed in the West, Soviet style groups practice maskirovka (concealment) – that is, hiding instead of revealing evidence, lying instead of providing information and using active measures to discredit victims and shield those responsible among them.

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