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Sunday, August 8, 2010

"We cannot permit another fine journalist to go down the tubes because of these fiendish monsters."

(7 August 2010)

"Please help make this video go viral.
I played a part in warning people about the swine flu jab and now I am facing indefinite detention at court session on August 12th on the grounds I am a mentally unstable "conspiracy theorist" and even arrest after the state prosecutor was caught faking criminal charges against me.

Read more details on the birdflu666 blog.
This is not just about me.
This is about the vaccines and the lengths Big Pharma and govments will go to to silence critics.
[Thanks to YouTuber oximoronTV.]

I am applying as asap to the European Court of Human Rights.
YouTube - Videos from this email

Told people about your upcoming court case 12 August 2010/video on Radio Live last night with Keith, and he will be putting your video on his Radio Live blog today.
I've posted the video on my blog and will do more today to send it EVERYWHERE.
Spoke to Jon, and he raised the issue of whether we had an Austrian Consulate in NZ - and apparently WE DO!
In Auckland!
So - will do a bit of double-checking then will see about organising a demo outside to make a FUSS - maybe Tuesday 10 August?
That is an action others could consider internationally - protests outside the Austrian Consulate /Embassy where you deliver an 'Open Letter' or the like to the staff/Ambassador - telling the Austrian Govt to BACK OFF and that the WORLD IS WATCHING!!
Take care you!
BIG HUGS from down under!
Penny Bright
Media Spokesperson
Water Pressure Group

Judicially recognised 'Public Watchdog' on Metrowater, water and Auckland regional governance matters.
"Anti-corruption campaigner:"

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