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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Are We In the Midst of a Undeclared Spiritual War? If So, How do we Fight It? Part I - The Problem

Commentary by Vatic Master
August 1, 2010

On the surface and without much thought, it certainly appears we -- the American People -- are under attack and in an undeclared war in our three dimensional reality, but not in a way that one would think or believe is an accepted definition of "War" .

An example is the inclusion of Bovine growth hormone in all our childrens milk, creating an advanced sexually developed child at an earlier age. And yet, the healthy non-manipulated or non-chemically altered Raw Milk farms are being raided regularly.  Those of us who are older grew up on raw milk, and we are still alive... Ahhh, might that be the problem?

This is only one miniscule example of thousands of assaults against us daily in every aspect of our lives.  So why else do as outlined above?  What is the agenda?  

Given the various elements of this war that are unusual, such as the pre-announcement of the "enemy's" intent to do terrorist acts against us with great specificity and timing, is it arrogance on their part, or something more sinister and deeper in meaning?

Are we under attack on a much greater level with much more serious ramifications, leading to what could be considered a "Spiritual  War? If so, how must this war be fought to be successful?

First we have to know our enemy, don't we? Lets find out who that is. One indicator of those who believe and follow Lucifer, they use the Molech symbol of greeting and public message passing to others in control, as you see above with Pat Robertson's fingers and hand. We have all seen Bush Jr. and Clinton and other country's leaders use that hand sign.

The videos at the end of the commentary show you others that support that contention riddled through our system and in our everyday lives.  John Todd tells us how its also passed on to our children through their music.

What is a Luciferian and Who is Lucifer?  
Lucifer and Satan are names that apply differently to
the fallen angel based on different positioning both before and after the fall,  a good description of that difference can be found here.

Satan is a Hebrew word meaning "Adversary". This is interpreted a few different ways. One of the most common in the community is to use "Satan" to represent an entity which is an adversary to yourself, attempting to keep you ignorant and enslaved. This meaning is often connected with the Gnostic "Demiurge". The other main usage of the term "Satan" involves seeing this entity as an adversary to either God or mainstream morality. This second view of Satan connects it with carnality and hedonism. Those Luciferians who were formerly Satanists will tend toward this carnal definition of Satan.

John Todd in the video gives us an excellent presentation on how our youth have been targeted and successfully recruited into spreading satanism through the music industry controlled by the Illuminati (Rothschilds/zionists).

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