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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

casper opinion 08-04-10

There is so much very bad news of a financial nature which is legitimate, it is not necessary to 'embellish' the situation with false news. An immediate example is yesterdays post on RMN saying grain prices are 'going through the roof' in the Midwest. Wheat at $3.25/bu a month ago now at $5.50/bu.. Grain prices are negotiated at the c
ommodity exchanges based on world demand with closing prices published in your daily newspaper. In some parts of the country wheat is being sold for $2.70/bu with $3.25/bu being paid for 'high protein' wheat (tested at the elevators). This morning wheat futures are $3.38/bu at the CBT.

News coming out of the Immigration Debates in Virginia says Mexican Drug Runners are smuggling 'Illegal's from Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan into the U.S. right now. Of course there is nothing to worry about since in 'Obamaworld' there is no such thing as a terrorist.

More examples of those 'shovel ready' stimulus fund projects came out yesterday. Cocaine for Monkeys. 500K for windows in an observatory closed in 2007 and never to re-open. 190K for a study to see how the American people feel about the stimulus bill. I know you Conservatives out there have a difficult time understanding such 'stimulus' expenditures by the Liberals so I will try to help you out. The Monkeys are being stimulated for a visit to Pelosi's 30M rat farm which has been moved to the observation area which needed new windows for the gamblers to see through as they place their bets on the Monkey/Rat Offspring Outcomes with Criss Dodds Billion Dollar Casino which spent 54M setting up the new Monkey/Rat Offspring Outcome betting parlor. The 190K study is to provide documented proof of the peoples approval of these job creating expenditures. Now enough of your silly questions, pass me a betting form and some more kool-aid.

Obama addresses  the AFL-CIO this morning saying 'we are going to reward the workers'. Will the jokes never cease. They are being 'rewarded' with 'card check' meaning that they will never again be allowed to cast a secret ballot.

Besides 'securitization' of the income stream the true purpose of the disastrous Health Care Bill is to Unionize everyone involved in the Health Care Industry. Now the Libs are moving (introducing legislation) to Unionize all Police and Fire Fighters. Outrageous Union Contracts destroyed the Auto Industry and caused dozens of Industry's to move offshore. Their 'retirement packages' at 80% to 100% of their last years income have destroyed State Budgets bringing many States such as California to the brink of bankruptcy. Even our Cities are being bankrupted by 'collective bargaining agreements'. The Democrats/Union Bosses partnership elects such as Obama, the Unions are then subsidized at taxpayer expense (having already received Billions from Obama) which then dutifully 'kicks back' huge sums to Democrat Politicians willing to keep the gravy train rolling. Once most Americans are 'Unionized' or working for the Federal Government they have what they are after, Total Control of the 'elections' with the votes of Illegal's made legal the icing on the cake. 'Democracy, Socialism, Communism' are all in opposition to the Constitution and the Republic. Total Control of every aspect of human life by Central Government is Communism, the goal of the Democratic Party and the Obsession of Obama and the well known plan of the Illuminati.

As for business, I can't talk.    If I could talk, the news would be good, but I can't talk.

                        casper    8-4-10   opinion

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