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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Glenn Beck - AUG 28th MAJOR EVENT

Rumormill News
Curious Glenn Beck statement (text, audio, link to video)
Posted By: hobie <Send E-Mail>
Date: Wednesday, 4-Aug-2010 03:23:49
Hi, Folks -
Thanks to Reader BS for the heads-up on this. :)
Recently Glenn Beck said a curious thing at the close of his show. On the surface at least, it's simply a reference to the August 28 Restoring Honor Rally he's been planning for awhile. Here's the main web page about that:
...with additional, more detailed information here that speaks about honoring people with awards (possibly medals):
But what he said a few days ago sounds a bit more mysterious, a bit more fraught with meaning, than that. Here's a 33-second audio clip from the last minute of his show:
"A shock wave," he says; "a positive, positive transformation". (!) Sounds promising. :)
And most RMN Readers should recall that in about September last year, word was traveling around Internet, suggesting Beck had been supplied with a great deal of information and was about to "spill the beans", on-air, about...who knows what? "The way our country has been being run," we suspected.
But the moment came, and nothing, really, happened. We suspected that either he'd been given a warning by the bad guys, or else that the good guys had told him to keep silent for the time being. We don't know.
Anyway, with that in the back of our minds, and with the growing sense that "something's about to happen" that so many are feeling in these days - indeed, in this week - it's easy to speculate on what Beck may have been referring to in that 33-second audio clip.
Is it a false lead? Yes, it easily could be. Or not. :) As we sometimes say, "Developing...."
Here's a link to the 10-minute YouTube clip the 33-second audio clip came from:

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