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Wednesday, August 4, 2010


                                                                                     from RMN
: This just gets better and better!
: A Private Road subscriber just pointed out to me that JPM's
: "Jewel in the Crown" that Blythe Masters brags
: about was exposed in a Friday Road Trip a few weeks back.
: Keep in mind the term she uses "Synthetic
: Storage" for metal warehousing. Here's the section of
: the article again:
: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2010-08-03/blythe-masters-says-don-t-panic-over-jpmorgan-commodities-loss-job-cuts.html

: Jewel in the Crown
: JPMorgan missed out on opportunities in recent years, such as
: when oil prices surged in 2008, because it lacked the
: infrastructure to store and ship oil and other commodities,
: Masters said. JPMorgan has been expanding its commodities
: operations ever since, buying Bear Stearns Cos.' energy
: business in 2008 and UBS AG's global agriculture and
: Canadian commodities divisions, a purchase it completed in
: 2009. In March 2008, the bank bought U.K.-based
: ClimateCare, which helps clients reduce carbon emissions
: and trades reduction credits.
: The London team has also since devised a way to provide
: "synthetic storage" and the company now has
: physical assets "at our fingertips" to store and
: ship commodities like oil and metals across the globe, she
: said.

: RBS Sempra brought JPMorgan the Henry Bath metals warehousing
: unit, "one of the jewels in the crown" of the
: deal, said Bhar of Credit Agricole.

: *****
: WAIT A MINUTE! Take a look at this section of the Friday Road
: Trip 7/16/2010 a few weeks back...

: JP Morgan and WSJ Set Stage for Silver Warehouse Default
: A very curious article was posted on the Wall Street Journal's
: Commodities page yesterday regarding a metal warehouse
: theft that took place in the UK on May 31, 2010.

: Thieves Strike U.K. Metals Warehouse
: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703792704575366863382603080.html?mod=WSJ_Commodities_LEFTTopNews

: This really sounds like a "Confederacy of Dunces"
: when you look at the facts...

: "The material was stolen May 31 from a shed in
: Liverpool's docklands area that was owned by warehousing
: company Henry Bath & Son, a unit of J.P. Morgan Chase
: & Co. According to police in Merseyside County, which
: includes Liverpool, the metal sheets were worth
: "several million pounds."

: Who leaves "several million pounds"(as in UK money)
: worth of inventory unprotected? Wait it gets worse...

: "The heist was the second in less than a year from a U.K.
: warehouse owned by Henry Bath. Last September, 209 tons of
: aluminum ingots valued at £360,000, or about $545,900,
: were stolen from a Henry Bath facility in Liverpool. Police
: estimated that it would have taken up to eight trucks to
: remove that amount of aluminum."

: Wow. Who the hell is running their security?
: Or could this be just another cover-up of phantom metal
: storage by the banking cabal?

: That would make more sense to me as JP Morgan tries to cover
: its tracks on fraudulent warehouse receipts and fractional
: reserve metal accounting.

: It's an interesting angle but the reason I think this article
: is so curious is the statements about JP Morgan and who is
: LIABLE for this metal.

: "The bank is unlikely to have to foot the bill for the
: metal as liability typically lies with the owner of the
: material. A warehousing company can be liable for a theft
: only if it is found to be guilty of negligence or
: fraud."

: "Two of the six brokers using the warehouse may face a
: huge bill to replace it because they weren't insured,
: according to people familiar with the matter. The brokers,
: whose names couldn't be learned, must now either pay their
: client the value of the metal or replace it."

: WOW! Are they trying to set up a precedent for the coming
: default of SLV Silver inventories? Was there SILVER stored
: in the warehouse that lost "millions of pounds"
: of inventory?

: The timing of this article couldn't have been better to begin
: to leak the news that there is NO SILVER in the iShares ETF
: warehouses!

: ******

: So Masters now thinks that their purchase of Henry Bath &
: Son is their "Jewel in the Crown" for their new
: "Synthetic Storage Program". BY DEFINITION a
: "synthetic metal storage" program is an
: artificial metal storage program...or paper metal!

: How stupid do they think we are?
: The dam is breaking.
: Bix Weir
: www.RoadtoRoota.com

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