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Sunday, August 1, 2010

CASPER for JULY 31st: "WE hear that when the Clintons did not make the 24 hour 'curtain call' at the Tribunal..."

Please read the next post. Hermes dowsed statements from this report and I was pleased to see that Casper really does tell the truth. I have to smile and laugh at all the negative and hateful remarks people make/made about casper and wendy over the years. I have never lost faith in them.  Heart

from RMN
Posted By: hobie <Send E-Mail>
Date: Saturday, 31-Jul-2010 23:05:55

Hi, Folks -
Received from Wendy via e-mail:

The Sabotage has become a 'by the hour' proposition rather than a 'daily proposition'.

Thr Trigger Packs had been turned over to the Military for delivery today. They were taken into the Pentagon where many of the cards were again destroyed. Even the Queen is involved at this late hour with Obama and all the usual suspects saying 'the people have no right to this money', that she and Charles simply must have the money, a position common to all those doing the blocking.
Corrective actions are underway tonight replacing the destroyed cards and word is the U.S. will be reduced to something less than a third world country very quickly should this continue. This 'threat' is real, is backed by the Countries and the deadlines involved are immediate. The current plan is to get the packs back out tonight for delivery tomorrow.
WE hear that when the Clintons did not make the 24 hour 'curtain call' at the Tribunal as instructed that 'enforcement', so to speak, will be arriving momentarily.
casper 7-31-10

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