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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dowsing the accuracy of the Casper bulletin

Posted By: X_Hermes <Send E-Mail>
Date: Sunday, 1-Aug-2010 04:39:48
I must confess that I always have considerable doubts about Casper – it is such an on-going saga that I have always put it into a category that says: ‘probably a CIA-type program designed to keep people anticipating financial rescue, and thus inactive against governments / illuminasti and the like’. Well, they do that kind of thing, don’t they?
I am a dowser, often using a pendulum over a chart that gives 0% to 100%. This is much more accurate than the usual yes/no technique. Questions are asked in the form of ‘To what extent is…(insert statement being tested)…true?’ I have never thought to test Casper’s bulletins before, but just happened to have my pendulum on my desk when it came up. So…here goes – veracity of each statement in brackets, 100% = true, 0% = false, other percentages indicate degree of truth and usually ‘more questions needed’.
The Sabotage has become a 'by the hour' proposition rather than a 'daily proposition'. (80% - bit of poetic licence here?)

The Trigger Packs had been turned over to the Military for delivery today. (100%) They were taken into the Pentagon where many of the cards were again destroyed.(100% - and signs of deep division / polarisation within the military) Even the Queen is involved at this late hour with Obama and all the usual suspects saying 'the people have no right to this money', that she and Charles simply must have the money, a position common to all those doing the blocking.(100% This is a mystery to me – why would a woman who owns one sixth of the world’s land mass need to do this. Maybe it is assets vs cash flow? (100%) And being the biggest shareholder in BP must be pretty painful right now!)
Corrective actions are underway tonight replacing the destroyed cards and word is the U.S. will be reduced to something less than a third world country very quickly should this continue.(100% - the problem here is that this situation is playing right into the hands of the Nazi continuum – see several Christopher story reports – of which Obama is claimed to be an agent. Story tells us that they say ‘For us the war never ended’ and have apparently vowed to destroy the US. Sadly, they appear to be doing a great job so far. What I suggest we really want is for the corporate US to die off without carrying the nation of the United States with it).
This 'threat' is real, is backed by the Countries and the deadlines involved are immediate. (79% - perhaps the countries are not fully aligned as yet?)The current plan is to get the packs back out tonight for delivery tomorrow. (100% - this is, indeed, the plan) (Since this last statement is made almost daily, I ask the chance factor of delivery tomorrow, and get a resounding 0%)
WE hear that when the Clintons did not make the 24 hour 'curtain call' at the Tribunal as instructed that 'enforcement', so to speak, will be arriving momentarily. (100% - and none too soon!)
I have to say, I am amazed at the results - this shows that at least this report from Casper is highly accurate. It is possible for disinformation to be 'shielded' so that it will dowse as being true, but that is not my sense here. I cannot speak for the others, but the implication is the same. The dowsing concurrs. Hmmm...

So, I suggest you ignore the daily 'deliveries tomorrow' statements (probably added automatically by Casper's word processor!) and keep in possibility that this saga...really is a saga. Certainly, with what is a stake for the Illuminasti and friends, I can understand why this has bounced back and forht for so long.
Xavier Hermes

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