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Sunday, August 8, 2010


Good news from OUR Queen yesterday. She says she will reimburse taxpayers approximately $7500., the cost of a round trip first class ticket to Spain. Lets see now, $170,000. cost for Air Force Two less $7500., but don't forget to add 60 Secret Service Agents and their rooms, all those 'assistants' and their rooms and all those 'friends' from Chicago and their rooms. The Queens entourage are in $2500./per night suites, the 'servants' and S.S. Boys only $500./per night. Sacrifice Citizens, your Gov't. needs the money to keep your Queen out there on the 'Vacation Trail' in designer clothes. WE hear the 'Countries' are disgusted with the spectacle. Now add the cost of Air Force One to Chicago for Obama's Birthday Parties and lord knows the cost to get our Queens mother and second daughter 'to camp' in Canada at the same time. Rape, Rob and Pillage. That's how its done by the Dictators of Third World Nations as the U.S. is about to INTENTIONALLY become.

Obama's INTENTIONAL destruction of the United States is proceeding at a breathtaking pace, faster than anyone thought possible. He is following "the plan" to the letter, the 'plan' put forth by his two Columbia Professors who taught him, along with the 'Weathermen Underground', that the fastest way to destroy Freedom, Capitalism and our Country in order to create a MARXIST STATE is to 'spend it into oblivion'. The resultant unpayable debt and the subsequent collapse it creates allows them to 'change' (destroy) the existing Economy and Government Structure resulting in Central Control by Government of the Economy and every aspect of Human Life in America. With total 'Corporate Control' of the Mainstream Media "the Plan", which is in written form and published, is never brought to 'the peoples' attention so that they might see just how completely the plan is being followed and implemented. The main point to grasp is that it is INTENTIONAL.  Rat Farms? New windows in closed Buildings? It does not matter to them how the money is spent, only that the unpayable debt is increased as fast as possible to facilitate the pre-planned downfall of the U.S. as we have known it. Michelle is doing her part as is every member of the Obama Administration.

On the BUSINESS FRONT it's one step forward one step back. The sabotage continues every single night and day. The 'Leaders' are Obama, The Queen, The Pope, Bush/Clinton and The Fed and all those working with same such as Geithner, the 'gaggle of crooks' in China and the Banks which are Bankrupt and doing all possible to suppress this truth. Trade attempts continue around the clock. Sabotage over the most recent 48 hours was assisted by four (4) Judges on the World Court and two (2) members of the Tribunal. The Queen brags that she 'controls' all these people. The World Court Judges involved are those from Italy, England, France and Spain where the 'Ayatollah's Queen' (Michelle) happens to be right now. The 'Nations' are attempting to overcome these Criminals and each time the packs have again been 'made whole' after Pentagon Sabotage we again arrive back at the Exec. Order/ Carrier Problems. Only two 'carriers' have the 'Bonding Capacity' to handle the deliveries of the Trigger Packs and they have been following Obama's orders. If you want detailed explanations of the problems and why things must be done a certain way it is up to you to go back and read previous updates as WE simply do not have the time to go over it again and again every time a new person shows up asking the same questions.

WE will, however, repeat the 'Big Picture' overview. The U.S. Corporate Governments ability to 'control our Country and the World' derives from their partnership with the Fed in the creation of funny money from 'thin air'. Losing this 'Ponzi Monetary Scheme' and its inherent feature of 'Fractional Banking' with the added and simultaneous loss of the 'Corporate Shield' via a return to the Constitution puts the whole mess of them back into the sewer from whence they came. A new 'Metals Backed Banking System' with attendant 'see through' (honest) accounting levels the playing field Internationally and stops dead in its tracks the Obama/Bush/Clinton/Queen/Pope 'Fraudulent Financial Playpen' which has resulted in the bankruptcy of the worlds existing financial systems which are being kept alive through outright FINANCIAL FRAUD imposed upon the whole world including, especially including, the American People. Their willingness to push everything 'over the cliff' rather than give up their unconstitutional powers domestically and their banking control Internationally has only one possible outcome, total destruction of the existing financial system via a Hyperinflationary Debt Induced Blowout after which they propose to save the starving/ignorant populace with a new Monetary System set up and controlled by the same Criminals with Communism/NWO at the heart of it. They can not do this with a self limiting Metals Backed Honest Banking System hence the WAR to stop it at all cost and to maintain themselves in Power. "Their" new replacement Monetary System would retain the features of the old, simply change the Worlds Reserve Currency away from the Dollar and, most importantly, leave the Criminals in control of the world.

In Hungary the Government has taken over complete control of all media. Its only a 'baby step' from where we are to that point in the U.S..

2012 approaches. Many ancient calendars end. The world is near 'conflagration' in many areas.

A Gay California Federal Judge says 'I don't give a damn that seven million California voters turned down same sex marriage, we will have same sex marriage in California'. Liberal 'Activist' judges are defying the 'will of the people' all over the country just as Obama is doing. Elections have consequences. Another year or two of Obama, his Judges and his Czars and there will be nothing left to save.

Another 26 Billion for the Unions just passed in the Senate with the help of the two famous RHINOS (Republican In Name Only) from Maine. This time to the sorriest of all Unions, The Teachers Union. Want to fire an incompetent teacher? Bring the National Guard with you. Want to test whether a teacher can read and write? Bring Light Infantry. Its the same in all the major unions, almost impossible to fire anyone and incredible, absolutely unbelievable 'retirement packages'. Want to understand how the 'dumbing down' process has been so effective with U.S. students falling off the worlds education charts? Look no further than the Unions. Want to understand why hundreds of thousands of business's have moved offshore? Look no further than the Unions and the Governments Tax Structure.


                         casper   8-8-10 

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