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Monday, August 9, 2010


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Date: Monday, 9-Aug-2010 16:12:48
PHOENIX, AZ – 2010. On July 27th, The Congressional Budget Office released a brief which crashed their main website from massive traffic and visitors. The CBO dropped a bombshell…
‘Deficits will cause debt to rise to unsupportable levels’
The Debt Fiscal Crisis Brief can also be downloaded in PDF format…
Fiscal adjustments if any are too little, too late. The only 2 options the U.S. has to boost investor confidence levels are unpopular, painful, and we are past the rubicon for both!
The 2 options would be massive tax increases, or drastic spending cuts.
I will now make a prediction based on the negative debt and public admission of a fiscal crisis…
Take note, the U.S. is collapsing.
This March Moody’s investor services warned the U.S. that unless it got it’s spending under control there would be a possible future downgrade of it’s triple-A credit rating…(see here)
Regardless of how long Moody or S&P try to stretch and prolong the inevitable downgrade and regardless of how much Tim Geithner says all is well DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE COSMETIC SMEAR JOB!
We, like the rest of the world are quickly approaching debt insolvency if we aren’t there already! There is no turning back now and what we will see is that things will start deteriorating very quickly now.

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