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Monday, August 9, 2010

Video: Democrat pollster warns American anger has become 'pre-revolutionary'

Vatic Note:   .  Just listening to these two talking, I get that either neither of them gets what is really going on or both are working for the MSM owners in putting out the protocol #12 line of the day.  It appears the MSM are promoting the republican take over in November.  However, we don't have that SHORT a memory.  We remember how we could not tell the difference from the Bush administration to the Obama admin and if they think WE ARE GOING TO FALL FOR THAT ONE AGAIN, THEY ARE NUTS. Once again there will be continuity, WHY???  Why will there be no change between Obama and the new president?  Because the same people own BOTH PARTIES COMPLETELY WITHOUT EXCEPTION, thus the agenda marches forward. What should be a good revolution would be to put in a third party candidate in every race for every seat in every election.  Talk about a revolution, now that would definitely work.  Just keep the lobbyists away from them after they take office.  If that doesn't work, well then it moves from prerevolution to a full effort only done underground.  If there is one single assassination then we go in and clean house on the CIA/MOSSAD assassination squads, throw them in jail where they belong and thus we can go forward with a viable election.  We will not tolerate another Wellstone or JFK Jr. 

Video: Democrat pollster warns American anger has become 'pre-revolutionary'

August 7, 8:19 AM · Robert Moon - Conservative Examiner

Recently appearing on Fox News, former Jimmy Carter pollster Pat Caddell warned that voter outrage against Obama's tyrannical, Constitution-shredding Marxist agenda has now reached "pre-revolutionary" levels.

Additionally, James Carville's polling group is also now predicting a catastrophic implosion for the Democrats in November, and Howard Dean is warning that if this election ends up being a referendum on Obama, Pelosi and Reid, Democrats will be absolutely annihilated.


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