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Monday, August 2, 2010

"FYI: the new foreclosure date - as decreed by the world court - for the US Treasury 09 August 2010."

                                            Posted By: hobie <Send E-Mail>
                                                Date: Monday, 2-Aug-2010 16:08:59

FYI: the new foreclosure date - as decreed by the world court - for the US Treasury 09 August 2010.
there is a major case that is going to be heard in california's us 9th district court today, 02 August 2010, that has direct consequence in regards to the settlements & as to whether or not funds will be released by the 9th of august.
this case may be dismissed by the judge tomorrow (highly unlikely, yet still possible), a date may be set for the case to proceed to hearing (in which full disclosure will transpire & all evidence of these criminal's actions will be placed on public record) at a later date, or both attorneys will be taken aside & the details of the settlement of said case will be hammered out.
regardless of what transpires in the us 9th district court of california today - these vile excuses for carbon matter have until the 9th of august to make good on releasing the funds or else the lien holders - on that date - will have the legal authority to walk into the us treasury & take it over.
now - either the jig is up & they will be forced to acquiesce to the world court's ruling or they will allow the lien to be enforced & most likely place armed members of the us army/reserves around the us treasury on the 9th. THAT, in turn, will either cause their financial fraud to be exposed/corroborated by the highest levels of government the world over and/or bring actual warfare of the gun powder + bullets variety down upon us all.
we'll have to see how it all plays out...

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