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Monday, August 2, 2010

poof report 08-01-10

Greetings and Salutations:

What a week! As progress has continued to the finality of all of this, other
news continues to be pro and con change. Listening to them, it's clear that
some of them want to go back to the 20th century, but the bridge is out and
there is no past, except in written word. Even the clandestine organizations all
around the world are seeking new employment. What will we do when there is no
governments to overthrow, no nasty agenda to follow but instead, work for peace,
work for unity, work for a bright future for all of mankind. I can understand
why it's going to take 3 to 5 years for all of this to be cleaned up. People
have invested their lives into the old way so it presents a quandary as to what
to do now.

I have to ask myself, what's going to happen when man uses more than 10% of his
brain? What marvels will he discover about himself and the world he lives in?
If you could create all this hell and damnation using only 10 % of the brain,
what then could he create, when he moves beyond that? No madmax world, that's
for sure. Some of the links below, are a hint of what's on the horizon. Some
of these ideas have been on hold or used by only certain individuals for over a
hundred years. Since everything is all wrapped in money, who has it, who wants
it, and how else can we create it, what happens then, when there's plenty for
everyone? Get out the crystal ball on that one.




Lest anyone wants to continue with a thought about politics and who you're
voting for, remember this is about money. Blame Obama if you want to. I
wouldn't care who's in there right now, you're still dealing with the same
subject matter, it's all about money. Politics is for entertainment for the
people, make you think you're important. That's why these things have to
happen. There's plenty of guilt to go around. Once the money is spread out,
politics will necessarily change. You can't buy votes anymore. Fancy ads won't
do it
because, education comes with the money. You will know how this country is
meant to function and if you don't remember your children will tell you, because
they will get it in school.


Europe tried austerity, the us tried throwing money at everything, yet the
answer remains somewhere in the middle and I know people can't stand centrism.
Somebody's right, somebody's wrong, there's too much polarity going on and you
gotta come to the middle. This is where growing up comes into play, we have to
leave the ways of selfish children behind. I'm encouraging everyone to continue
with deep thought with how you want your world to be, because very shortly you
will have a wide variety of choices at your disposal. Once again, after you
have received your package, and accessed your money, sit down and think about
it. You will leave the world of dreams and go into practical application and
from watching the media I see there's a lot of thinking that needs to go on.

This is the transfer of wealth that was spoken of by so many, years ago where
they who were rich and did not share will find the nobody's in the world now
'have'. This is not taking from anybody, but spreading across the ground that
which has been stored away from what I might tell you right now is a few
thousand years. Reagan said, "you will always have poor people'; not so, sir,
not if all is shared properly. No more feudalism, no more crumbs off the table,
because there's plenty. Already they have plans for the sahara desert, not only
for solar usage, but for the vast amount of clean water that lies below it.
Imagine that being duplicated around the world! There's plenty for everyone.

Due to the fact that the world is shifting over to the precious metal backed
system, there are more banks that will close simply because they don't want to
participate. Oh well, we're not going back to a fiat money system, so you can't
make up numbers every day, make up stuff and wow your friends.

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Love and Kisses,


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