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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It looks like the SEC and the Justice Department are investigating BP and "others" for wrong doing in connection to the Gulf disaster.

                                     BIX WEIR-ROAD TO ROTA:

The real question in my mind is ... How far will they go?
There are so many potential conspiracies here they will have a harder time finding one that doesn't smell fishy. Here are some of the prime culprits:
1) Goldman Sachs dumping BP stock days before the explosion
2) Halliburton checking the cement plug hours before the explosion
3) BP Executives dumping stock days before the explosion
4) Massive dumping of toxic dispersants that are more harmful than the oil
5) The US Administration's lack of response
6) The media black out of clean up efforts

7) The EPA silence on toxic air readings
8) The internally poisoned fish that are about to be sold to the population

...and on and on.
I tend to think ALL of them are part of the master plan to do what ole Mr. Scrooge had recommended back in the mid 1800's... to "DECREASE THE SURPLUS POPULATION"!
Time is of the essence in our battle against the "Bad Guys" and as the minutes tick down we await our heroes with bated breath.
Will we be saved in time?

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