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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

First Signs of (Revolutionary) War in the US? Sheriff Tony DeMeo Threatens Force Against Federal Agents from Bureau of Land Mgmt


Vatic Note: There are two issues at play here, 1.) The issue of "Why" is the BLM confiscating cattle? If they want their land back, why not just notify the rancher to remove their cattle from the land in question? Is there a specific unknown reason why they want the actual livestock in these rural places? To Feed and breed them in underground facilities when the nuke war comes planned by the international bankers??? Or when planet X arrives??? Sell them and pocket the money in the CAFR accounts for the bankers? 

I don't know, but there has to be a reason that their solution is to confiscate private property without paying for it or giving the alledged offender a chance to clear the land of his property (cattle). That needs to be researched and find out what is going on. 2.) The second issue is the Role of Sheriff and even though the armed fed agents backed down, will they return in force??? Can the Sheriff DEPUTIZE the people of the county to act as a posse and help him to enforce the local laws??? These are questions we need to answer, and if so, then it really will come down to who rules this nation. Can they use military against the people in their own states and local districts and will our military stand with the pig criminal cabals or will they stand with us, the zionists cattle??? Here, check out just how bad this had gotten before this sheriff finally stood up.  See various links below.  I swear this reminds me of Gaza.  How about you?  Out west is virtually under attack and it maybe because the population there is much less and thus political power is also much less, but then the 2nd amendment can make up for that can't it??  Here are the links I promised on just how serious this has been and NO MSM PRESS TELLING US ABOUT IT!!!!!

United States Terrorism: BLM Strikes the Dann Ranch Again
from Newe Sogobia, Nevada (ICC)

Bureau of Land Management Charged With Human Rights Violations Against the Shoshone Nation

BLM Steals Cattle

Sale of confiscated cattle stifled by protesters
Story by Don Bowman

It's cop-versus-cop as embittered westerners look to further tweak the feds

Auction of confiscated cattle by BLM
http://www.headwatersnews.org/p.042402.html       END OF VATIC NOTE

First Signs of (Revolutionary) War in the US? Sheriff Tony DeMeo Threatens Force Against Federal Agents from Bureau of Land Mgmt
August 1, 2010, Terminator Girl, Provided to Vatic Project by Anonymous, USA

Anonymous Note: Just got this from a friend. Looks like some lines are being drawn. Somehow, I get the feeling that if the Feds go after this sheriff it won't be the same as burning down a church filled with women and children. Nope!!! WOW.. Look at what this sheriff did!! M.

Part 1 of 3 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JaEKB8pU2Tw&feature=related

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