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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Proposition C, the video

Prop C Equals Freedom, Not Power

Much has been debated over Prop C’s potential to clash with the national laws regarding health care.  All of these arguments miss the point.  Prop C is about individual freedom, not state sovereignty.
First off, there is no such thing as “states’ rights.”  States have powers; individuals have rights.  The individual mandate within Obamacare strikes at individual freedom.  Much of the rest of Obamacare does infringe upon the traditional powers of states, as envisioned by our founders, but Prop C speaks directly to the individual mandate.
Who will benefit from Prop C?  Individuals unwilling (through sheer American exceptionalism) to accept mandatory hand-outs from the government (funded by their own money).  Responsible, non-insured individuals that cannot afford insurance (and still will not be able to afford it on their own under Obamacare), but can afford to pay directly for necessary health care.  Employers (and in turn, employees) that will be unable to secure both an IRS approved health care plan and increased wages for their employees.
Who will be hurt by Prop C?  NO ONE!  Prop C does not deny anyone the FREEDOM to opt into government plans.  Of course, some of those government plans may disappear under Obamacare because the reforms are ridiculously expensive (and failed to deal with the number one issue, costs), and the money has to come from somewhere (Medicare).  The fear-mongering among the establishment press and astro-turf (MORE, OFA, MHA) is bogus.  There is no evidence Prop C will cost the state ANY additional money because we have no idea what the final reforms will look like under Obamacare.  The individual mandate does not go into effect until 2014,  and by that time, we should have our answer on whether the “reforms” were constitutional to begin with.
There are no “big, moneyed interests” behind Prop C.  There are big, moneyed interests (and failing newspapers) behind the opposition.  That is because proponents of Prop C care about individual freedom, and opponents of Prop C are a part of the big-government machine.
Vote “Yes” on Prop C, August 3!

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