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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Obama called to act as Wall Street prepares to tax all US homes 1% for 99 years

Vatic Note:  "Obama, called to act" is a joke headline.   Obama does what he  is told every single time.   I wish it were not so.   Once depopulation is complete or at least well on its way, then comes the slavery, and this is step one.   The cap and trade tax is step two and the Universal medical bill was the final hammer on a full fledged dictatorship.   Once you start letting these useless feeder bankers start taking our earnings from us for no reason as we did in the bailouts, (2 of them, one under each parties Presidents, Bush and Obama), then it was a simple step to continue the process through extracting even more equity that we built up in our homes, by this process below. Its time to stop all this and we should notify the congressmen and senators up for reelection to give us their position on this issue (I know, its a pipedream to even believe they can do anything at this point except watch as helplessly as we are, those that have not sold out), otherwise the way around it is to never use title insurance and escrow to close on a transaction, rather simply do a warrantee deed and carry the note privately. The more they push, the more creative we have to become.

These bankers, globally,  are still alive and walking around? hmmmm Just expressing my amazement. LOL  Think about it,  you work and pay down on your home, that is called 'building equity' through your labor and choices on where to spend it, then the bank comes along and takes that equity from you. 
THAT IS CALLED SLAVERY.  No way should we even consider cooperating on that one.  It would be better to then not own.  (update:  breaking news is indicating they are on the move with this agenda because once the population is down to a manageable level, they can then control us and they will be safe, right now, they are NOT safe as our population is not down..... this is truly our only chance).

Obama called to act as Wall Street prepares to tax all US homes 1% for 99 years

Posted by EU Times on Aug 9th, 2010

Foes want the Obama administration to ban a 1% ‘private transfer’ charge — assessed every time a property is sold for 99 years — paid to investors who backed the home’s original builder.

Can you name a housing controversy that pulls Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, consumer advocates, labor unions representing transport workers and government employees, the title insurance industry, the National Council of La Raza, libertarian and property rights groups and the National Assn. of Realtors all together into a protest coalition demanding quick action from the Obama administration?

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