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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Restore America Plan Update August 11, 2010

Executive Summary – Rodney of Rod Class has gotten his default on the Federal Corporation. To learn more about this filing see this page:
On this page are links to the actual document.
Yesterday on a phone-in talk show we learned they have eight copies of the default notice and they were going to Washington, D.C. to serve the notices. I assume they will serve the de facto executive branch of the federal corporation, the de facto congress and de facto supreme court. Rodney then said it is off to the Hague Court after that. What exactly will happen in the Hague Court was not made clear. We did anticipate that the federal corporation was going to ignore the judicial notice rather than respond to it. If they responded it recognizes the power of we the people to challenge them. This would be the beginning of the end for them. If they filed a counter then they would need to answer questions which they could not answer. They have been exposed and they are trying to ignore the gorilla in the room now.

Implications – Our speculative reasoning causes us to believe the following as a logical outcome. We are going to mention the military support of RAP. We do understand that many will not believe the military backing of RAP until they see it on the mainstream media. We accept this and respect your position but this does not mean Rap does not have military support. It means you require the mainstream media to acknowledge something before you will believe in it through some sort of reportage. We advocate ignoring the mainstream media since they are just a psych ops operation of the de facto government. The people do have a right to know about RAP, County Grand Juries and other movements and the mainstream media refuses to participate in any such reportage since that would be threatening to the de facto government. Thus we ignore the mainstream media at this time.
The military supporting Restore America Plan is something we believe. We also believe Restore America Plan will move forward through the Republic of the united States which is apparently the next phase of Restore America Plan. So the military needs a lawful de jure government to put themselves under. Without a civilian government the military would appear to be doing a military coup. This would understandably scare the world. Markets could plummet. Value of the FRN USD could plummet. Things could get scary. So what is being done is the de jure government was voted in by the 50 RAP grand juries. They in turn voted in 10 representatives for each state, 2 senators for each state, a governor for each state, a President, Vice President, Secretary of State and heads of some offices like Homeland Security, Treasury, etc. This put a de jure lawful government in place occupying the previously uninhabited offices of government which the de facto government illegally tried to fill with their Federal Corporation, State Corporation divisions, City and County Corporations. The military being cautious apparently wanted this. Can you blame them? Next comes the default notice served by Rodney. This shows that the government is operating illegally and has no real jurisdiction except over Washington, D.C. The de facto government did not even respond to the claims showing they do not believe in redress of government. This is against the constitution. Constitution, Amendment I
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.
So they take this default and file it in a procedure in the International Hague Court. This would give the military not only a lawful constitutional government to place themselves under but also a court ruling showing the de jure government is operating illegally and the real government offices were not occupied previous to RAP for some decades. This leaves RAP as only inhabiting the lawful offices of government that were left vacant by the federal corporation. This is not the same thing as overthrowing the de facto government out of office since they never were in office as the corporation.
The above link explains this and has citations establishing the de facto government as a federal corporation. When you get down to the lesser de facto governments such as cities, counties etc they use the words incorporated in the names and descriptions so no citations are needed to show them as corporations. So RAP is just filling the legitimate government offices that have been unoccupied previously for decades. They are not throwing out any government. The de facto government threw themselves out of the legitimate government offices through their deceit, trickery, lack of disclosure, bankruptcy and other illegal actions. So when you put all the pieces together you can see what is going on. Brilliant actually.

Avoiding Panic and Collapse of World Markets – If the military came out and said we are going to do such and such actions with Restore America Plan they could cause panic and a resultant collapse of world markets. Markets such as the NYSE, American Stock exchange, Chicago Board of Trade, the Bourse, London, Tokyo etc. Remember the FRN USD is the dominant reserve currency used in the world. Plummeting world markets can cause an awful situation. Financial collapse can even be life threatening and would be world wide. Obama and the gang are incapable of fixing the problem. Their idea of a solution incorporates their own corruption and illegal government model into their plan which assures ineffectiveness. Also the influence of the banksters on their de facto puppets also guarantees failure. If the de facto government is not stopped and corrected the end result will be worldwide economic collapse. Not like what you have seen in Iceland, Greece etc. They are fixing not a single thing just running up the debt and watering down the FRN USD. So before any formal talking heads mainstream media announcements are made there has to be a ready to go interim government in place funded and all. This guarantees continuity. Now RAP could not run 100% silent and deep since they needed to raise grand jurors and others. They also need to get de jure country grand juries going, perhaps not immediately but soon. Then there are de jure courts, marshall and others needed. So RAP needs to have some presence in the patriot or sovereign community. The nice thing is the mainstream folk just think you are nuts no matter what you say. They have been brainwashed into believing resistance is futile and the de facto government is here to stay. They also believe they will save the economy and so forth. When these people wind up being thrown out of their houses and have no work then they start to get the idea but still cling to resistance is futile and their homelessness even reinforces this line of thinking. Television was what enabled the de facto to gain such a grip on people through brainwashing them. The Internet is what really took them down through the spread of uncensored information.

The Courts – On the RepublicoftheunitedStates.org. website they say next they plan to incorporate the de facto courts into the Republic. I am not sure how exactly. We know they will not use members of the BAR who have not renounced such membership and titles of nobility. I expect they will set up de jure courts. They will need to set up federal district de jure courts as well as appellate courts and a supreme court, all de jure without BAR card carrying people involved. All constitutional common law courts. No victim without a heartbeat, no crime or damages sort of courts. Now we know the district courts can appoint marshals. The marshal is the enforcement arm of the court. Remember grand juries do not conduct trials. They basically refer legal matters to the courts for a trial. The grand jury can return a no finding which means there were no facts in evidence to consider referring the matter to a court for a trial. If the grand jury determines there are triable issues of fact in evidence then the matter goes to court. If someone is just trumping up some nonsense then the accused walks BUT the accuser can wind up being referred to court for filing false charges, submitting false evidence, false testimony etc. Remember a de jure grand jury operates like what the de facto judges and prosecutors call a runaway jury. They can go off on their own investigations just because they think it is in the best interest of we the people to do so. The judge and prosecutor have no power to stop or hinder the grand jury in this or any other regard. The marshal can appoint and administer an oath to deputy marshals. They can carry out the orders of the de jure courts after all they are de jure Marshals. They can use any and all Necessary force to carry out their lawful duties. They can have a large number of deputies if needed. The operative word is “necessary”. Necessary force, necessary deputy marshals, necessary enforcement arms and equipment, etc. The Marshall is not an investigative law enforcement agency. It is not a routine patrol law enforcement agency. It carries out orders. To carry out their orders at times they might have to go into an investigative mode like to find a person or assets but they are predominantly the enforcement arm of the courts not an investigative agency. The Marshall can detain persons and incarcerate in a prison. The Marshall is a law enforcement officer.
So you can see where RAP is headed. First the grand juries, then an interim government, next de jure courts to start to further restore the Republic to constitutional common law and the Marshals will come in to enforce the orders of the courts. The grand juries start the ball rolling by considering presentments and indictments. Then cases go to the de jure district federal courts. Then trials result with juries minus interference and distortion carried out by BAR card carrying lawyers and judges. Then the Marshals effect enforcement. Now bear in mind the states, cities and counties are all corporations. This is wrong. Corporations do not have legitimate law enforcement powers, they can't as private corporations. They can have security guards that protect the assets of the corporation. Anyone will grant a corporation that right but law enforcement agencies, no way. Now let us see some absurdities. There is such a thing as railroad police. They are employed by private companies like Southern Pacific  and other railroads. These railroad police have full police powers in any jurisdiction that the railroad passes through. So wherever their railroad corporate employer has tracks, a station, yard, terminals etc they have police powers. If the railroad operates in and through 50 states, then they have full law enforcement powers, same as the sheriff in all 50 states. This really goes go. They even have detectives, patrol persons etc. They have badges, Police ID cards, guns, radios, red or blue lights, and so forth. Since this is so insane it is hard to believe so I have included a link to a page listing all of the railroad police agencies. This particular page lists the railroad police officers fallen on the job. There are over 50 private corporation police departments listed. None of this is lawful. It is as stupid as AOL or Google having police with full powers. The de facto government really knows few limits.

Summary – We hope you find these analytical discourses enlightening. We suggest you support RAP and spread the word to friends and relatives. There is nothing to lose by supporting RAP and a whole lot to gain. Break out of the brainwashing and realize the de facto government has gone too far and their time is up. Dwell on the positives. Try not to fight or act in disunion with others who also want to see an end to the de facto government and all the suffering that comes with it. Sovereigns need to understand that a united front against the de facto government is most important. Who actually does the unseating of it is a secondary concern as long as we go back to the constitution and common law.

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