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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Peasants killed Putin's police terrorists who attacked them

Vatic Note: Well, looks like revolution of varying types are definitely in the air. These planned wars may not go off as planned by the bankers and the leaders of all countries on both sides. I found something amazing the other day that we are going to do a blog on  which will prove that Iran's leaders are as much in on the bogus third world war as are all of our leaders, that is why so much planning and preparation, like clearing out embassies etcc. This is typical of all previous world wars, but this time WE KNOW WHO IS DOING IT, AND WHY AND WE WILL NOT COOPERATE. 

The "people" on both sides of this planned war, are victims of this obscene and perverted game these men play for profit and power. No more are we going to contribute to it. This was a good story to show what is legitimate excuse and a proper time to fight back.  Notice how they call their gestapo "Russian Terrorists".   I think using the "TRUTHFUL WORDS" that reflect the reality, is critical to fighting what is going on.   Lets start doing the same thing.   Why don't the citizens of our country have a  centralized " Dept of Monitoring" of our domestic police terrorists???  I think this is a fabulous idea.   I just may incorporate it into the blog and see how we do.  All citizen reports of Police terrorist acts would be sent through there to the be distributed to all over the nation.   Lets hear some feedback on the idea.   This certainly is working in Russia,  notice how we are all having he same problem????  Notice how it appears to be coordinated??? 

Peasants killed Putin's police terrorists who attacked them

Department of Monitoring Kavkaz Center, english

Publication time: 9 August 2010, 15:08
Permanent address at KAVKAZCENTER.COM:

According to Russian media outlets, 3 Russian police terrorists from a so-called "patrol unit" attacked in a car six peasants peacefully travelling in a horse cart on Sunday, August 8, at about 11:10 pm at 435-kilometer mark on the highway Kursk-Saratov in the Russian-occupied Ukrainian province of Voronezh.

Peasants rebuffed police terrorists and, using improvised means, killed two Russian terrorists.

A third Russian terrorist was not sent to Hell and was only wounded. After the elimination of Russian terrorists, the peasants continued their peaceful travel. Russians do not know the identity of the brave peasants.

Russian media outlets reported that the peasants who are supposed to be ethnic Ukrainians, eliminated rather high-ranking and experienced Russian terrorists: a 45-year-old "deputy head" of the gang (VN:  I love their style,  "....head of the Russian terrorists",  LOL) "Verhnekarachanovsky district police department" Fetisov and a 27-year-old "operative policeman" Sasha Scherbakov. Uneliminated meanwhile remained a Russian thug, chief of the "Verhnekarachanovskogo district police department" gang with the name Seleznev.

Department of Monitoring Kavkaz Center

Publication time: 9 August 2010, 15:08
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