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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Source Gives more information about Alaska Crash - Connection to the Crown Sisters?

Posted By: Rayelan <Send E-Mail>
Date: Tuesday, 10-Aug-2010 23:45:55
Note from Rayelan:
If you have been listening to the Wednesday Radio Show with Captain Sherlock and the Hawk, you will know that Boeing was recently taken over by the Crown Sisters and ordered to move to Chicago, very close to the Chicago HQ of the Crown.
I suspect that the Crown Sisters are in full control of Boeing these days and want to acquire EADS too.
EADS executive, former NASA chief Sean O'Keefe survives Alaska plane crash

EADS Global Website

IMO EADS is a Faction Two Company... meaning owned by the group who is trying to bring down the City of London... aka the NWO... aka the Crown Agents... in the case of Boeing it was female members of the Crown Agents who handled the deal therefore we call them the Crown Sisters.
For more information on this see:

Source wrote:
Sean O'Keefe was on the downed plane.
News says a "private" medical emergency crew arrived on the scene first.
(Likely one of the special ops units stationed thruout Alaska)
News is talking about O'K being appointed by W and oversaw Columbia accident.
But not reporting he is currently ceo of EADS.
EADS is currently in a knockdown drag out brawl with Boeing bidding on a large airtanker contract for pentagon.
You will find many RMN posts on various incidents, space intrigue, corruption, and obits where Boeing's name pops up.
Boeing is now based in Chicago.

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