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Saturday, July 24, 2010

2nd CASPER for JULY 24th: "...starting tomorrow the News Media will get an eye full..."

After the head of the World Court assisted in yesterdays Sabotage, the head of the United Nations himself, today ordered, deliveries to be stopped.
They have been delayed slightly but not stopped.
His ILLEGAL ORDERS were made known where appropriate and 'the word' has been handed down saying 'Neither the World Court, nor the United Nations, nor Obama, nor Clinton, nor Bush, nor Geithner, nor any U.S. Official, nor anyone else has the right to interfere with these International Packages and deliveries are to proceed forth with.
The Carriers have been ordered to ignore and to disobey any orders to the contrary they might receive regardless of source.
The exposures contained in recent updates are being read and discussed where appropriate and beginning tomorrow the Media is being invited into those places.
Yes, WE are tip toeing through the Tulips and beating around the Mulberry Bush as that is necessary at this moment. There are very major things happening behind the scenes friends and starting tomorrow the News Media will get an eye full assuming they have the guts to show up.
Casper 7-24-10 #2

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