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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

casper opinion 07-28-10

Given circumstances covered in recent updates I doubt she will show up, but are you aware Michelle Obama booked 30 rooms in a Five Star Hotel in Spain for her visit with one daughter? The rest must be for her personal friends masquerading as her 'personal assistants' so she can 'redistribute' $70,000 to $140,000. annually of taxpayer funds to each of them, one to carry the bags, one to brush her teeth, etc..
Remember her Room Service Lunch Tab at the Waldorf Astoria in New York posted on the net? Lobster, etc. and bottles of expensive Champagne all at taxpayer expense.
Remember the two or three trips by Government Airplane to London so the kids could have 'fish and chips'? The thousand dollar pairs of shoes from shopping expeditions to Paris? The many 'vacations' one stacked atop another, to many to keep up with, all at taxpayer expense?
Sooo many White House Parties not even the press can keep up as they are barred from attendance?
Where do you think all this money is coming from while millions of unemployed seek food stamps? It is coming from you friend, you are paying for every penny of it. All those incredible sums to Acorn? All that money (Billions) diverted to Unions? The funds found in "personal accounts" in Europe? ALL from taxpayers, even the hundreds of Billions to Freddie, Fanny, the Banks, etc.. You have heard about the 'officials' in Bell, California paying themselves 400k to 800k annually in a town of 25,000?
Those folks are 'small change pick pockets' compared to the Obama's. Six planes, and bigger planes, for Pelosi, not the one plane as in years past and a 30M rat farm to visit. Money for Banks in Barney Franks District, money for a Billion Dollar a year Casino in Criss Dodds District (54M). The three of them, four counting Michelle, are personally pissing away enough money to repair the Gulf Coast. You have no idea. You can't even imagine. They are sick sick people 'slurping' at the public trough and the Obama's are not using a straw. They are using dozens of 'assistants' to raise the punch bowl up and pour the contents (taxpayer funds) all over themselves. When you believe yourself to be "GOD", even including your 'image' carved into the walls of the Pyramids, you do these things without shame or regret because you are 'entitled', you are now the King and the Queen, a concept of Governance common in Africa.
By now you have seen the news that many Liberals from North Eastern States are introducing legislation to by-pass 'The Electoral College'? No time right now for a lesson in American History and the Constitution BUT surely you are able to observe that this is still another blatant attempt to further 'formalize' the conversion of our Country into a 'Democracy', a form of Government DESPISED by the Founding Fathers. Democracy is a bear a wolf and a sheep voting 'what's for lunch'? Democracy is Mob Rule. What's most important to recognize here is that it is always, ALWAYS, the Liberals who are attempting to subvert and cancel the Constitution.
Last nights update did not say that Obama had been indicted. It said he has been found guilty of TREASON (and dozens of other things). It was done 'in abstensia??"- (in his absence).
Democrat John Kerry docks his new 7M yacht in Rhode Island to avoid 500K in taxes in home state Massachusetts. Democrat Rangel guilty of so many different things he is trying to 'plead out'. The Congress is a WHOREHOUSE, a den of THIEVES. They get their 'authorization' for CORRUPTION from the top, from the example set by the Oval Office. The rest of the Country, particularly Wall Street, follows the example set for them. The 'Beltway' is a giant toilet seat, D.C. is a SEWER that's why their approval ratings are now at 11% most of which are 'friends and family'.
I read some where that China will end up owning all the foreclosed houses in the U.S. (they bought the 'securities', i.e. toilet paper). It seems to me the bad real estate debts residing in the Banks and the GSA's, residential and commercial, toxic one and all, are being taken onto the Feds Balance Sheet and used as 'collateral' for the delivery of still more funny money into the system. Then the alchemy begins, the conversion of 'private debt' to 'public liability', in other words, the 'Gang Rape' of generations of Taxpayers. Obama and the Fed have thrown TRILLIONS at their buddies the Banks/Acorn/Unions, etc. which bought them twelve months and nothing more. All that 'powder' wasted and no longer available. How is YOUR 'shovel ready' project coming along?
'Not much oil on the surface of the Gulf'? Well gee whiz talking heads, what do you think the 200,000 GALLONS of COREXIT was for?
If it is not on the surface it can't be measured therefore BP can't be fined for it.
Are we really as stupid as they think?

A fine of 550M for Goldman. What a joke. They OWN Government outright. They sold Trillions of worthless garbage into world financial markets then 'shorted' what they sold to others, made Billions, then a tap on the wrist from the SEC which now is excluded from FOIA (Freedom of Information) request by the new 'Financial Overhaul Bill". It is the taxpayers who just got 'overhauled' and hosed and screwed by the Con Artist each of which are part of the 'good old boys' Corporation. Such incredible scams, so huge, and the 'public' is so 'asleep at the wheel' and busy trying to make ends meet they are not even aware for the most part. The 'Government' and the 'Rapist' are partners, in fact they are one and the same thing. 'Financial Regulators' such as the SEC are pawns of the Money Interest in the same way that 'Minerals Management Regulators' are pawns of the Oil and Mining Interest, hence the BP disaster.
Today 'Nidle' refers to 'the illegality of the Current Administration's while Quinsey/Sa Lu Sa suddenly refers to "disturbing possibilities that give us concern". You reckon they are finally waking to the fact that 'their man' is a Con Artist Extraordinaire? 'Call home' E.T.'s, or check the updates from 18 months ago.
Casper 7-28-10 opinion 

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