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Friday, July 23, 2010

RAP update 07-23-10

Tim Turner of Restore America Plan is now the Interim President of New Republic of United States
Executive Summary – Restore America Plan has set up an interim government. The de jeur grand juries have had to approve by a 2/3 vote the candidates for the interim government. This would include a President, Vice President, Secretary of State, and heads of various departments like Department of Education, Homeland Security, FBI, etc. There are also two senators for each state and 10 house of representative members for each state. There is also to be a new Governor for each State. Restore America Plan has completed phase one and a lawful interim government is in place. It appears highly probable that military support is securely in place. When I saw I heard Tim say this and that it is coming from internet radio shows and phone in talk shows.
Tim Turner – Tim was the inventor of the secured party creditor approach to fight illegitimate creditors in the de facto court system. Tim gave seminars and followed up with phone conferences. The idea was to help the people stay in their homes and avoid foreclosure by fighting back in the de facto courts. The problem is the banks are using the credit of the borrower to gain profits and punish the creditors after using their own credit. This is a long legal story, not appropriate here. Tim is in the office for six months only. We applaud and welcome him to the office. Go Tim Go. Tim is a God fearing man who thumps the Bible and loves God and the constitution. Tim fasts and prays. You will get so much more truth, justice and the American way from Tim Turner than any of these other imposter presidents in recent history. Tim is not a guy to be feared. Do not be afraid of Restore America Plan, they are your friends. They are actually doing the work for you of getting rid of the crooks in office. There will be checks and balances to prevent a runaway criminal government from happening again. Tim never ever asked anyone for a single dime. Tim wants freedom for you and risked his life for you to be free.
The Military – It appears the military is onboard with Tim and Restore America Plan. Yeah. Apparently there was an attempt to kill Tim about two months ago. A mercenary hit team of six was hired apparently by the de facto government to assassinate Tim. Typical of the thugs operating under color of government. The military got wind of the threat, secreted Tim away until the threat and I expect other potential threats could be removed and/or contained. The unverified rumors we picked up were navy seals were watching over Tim during this time. I think Navy seals are an excellent choice. Tim is now out in the open apparently watched over by the military and I expect in the immediate future the secret service if they are not already involved, they soon will be. So now you will have the most powerful, best and greatest military in the history of the world protecting you. They will no longer be protecting the foreign assets of the elite and super rich. Wars will be reserved for any nation stupid enough to attack us. Slim chance of that. Killing our troops and foreign nationals over economic interests none of which filter down to “we the people” will be a dark spot in our history not to be repeated. Bullying other nations around for the economic gain of the rich will also be over. You will soon feel proud when you see “your” men and women in uniform. You will buy them a beer, pick up their meal tab, offer them a lift and in general view them as your own. They will not be a sword of the evil empire that you fear will one day be turned against you and your family as the de facto government would sooner or later do. You will learn to love and respect your military again. I expect the military will be seriously downsized as we end all these stupid imperialistic wars that never benefited we the people.
Provisional Government -The military wanted a provisional government in place. They said they could not take orders from the three Guardian Elders, one of which was Tim. The military wanted a lawful government. This is not clearly defined anywhere. Hmmm this is a problem isn't it. So what was done is the 50 de jeur (lawful) grand juries, one for each state, (27 on each jury) were told to approve the executive office holders and the congress people and senators. This happened, thankfully. I always felt there would be trouble here but in the end all would realize that this is a monumental task. There was in fighting, and other junk to be expected. There is no website or guide book explaining how to arrange a lawful provisional government for a nation of 300 million with a run away government violating all the checks and balances. Moving along, the military considers the Interim government set in place by RAP to be lawful and correct enough for them to proceed and protect the nation (that is “we the people”) from enemies of the constitution within and without. Please note the military is the use of force. The fine line is the military force is so great as to be irresistible. Resistance is futile is the hollywood term. So we will start to see things happening for the better and the good of the entire world. The evil de facto government became a curse and plague on the entire world, not just the constituents of the country.
What is a Constituent - A constituent is you, we the people. It means: having the power to frame a constitution or to constitute a government, a resident of a constituency, esp one entitled to vote, electing or having the power to elect. This is a good word you should get used to.
Republics – You will soon see you are a citizen of a state which is a republic. The federal government over time will be reduced in scope and size. The constitution gives the lions share of the power to the states. People voting the wealth of some over to themselves is an attribute of a democracy. The nation was a republic at its inception and now again. This does not happen in a republic. A democracy is four wolves and three rabbits voting on what is for dinner. It always ends badly just like fiat money.
The Original RAP Plan – The plan going back to March 2010 was to serve all 50 state governors with papers. They were told what was wrong with the government, what to fix, and when to fix it. They were required to take new oaths. The governors called the FBI and did nothing. The FBI also did nothing. A media blackout ensued. An attempt was made to kill Tim Turner as a result. The media was blacked out because it was too damaging to show the public what the demands and claims RAP was making were about. All the wrongs of the government and how they violated the constitution and the rights of the people were illustrated in depth. So they thought it best to resort to murder. What else would you expect? The original RAP plan was not as good as what is in place now. It would have removed the states from under the fed but left the fed in place, maybe with no funding. I think the current plan is more comprehensive and better. The governors will be replaced under this plan and may have already happened. The plan now completed is a clean sweep and cleans out all the garbage operating under color of government. When RAP ran into resistance with the governors of the 50 states plan they first extended the deadline. Then they encountered some unforeseen problems which they overcame with the new plan.
Recognition of 80 Nations – RAP is now recognized as an official government by 80 nations. They said they were going to work quietly and behind the scenes and they did just that. Some of us plugged into the movement got some intel from time to time but believe me it was sparse.
Funding – RAP has funding available for the interim government. Many trillions. This will of course enable the military to run as well. There is also a large amount of gold at their disposal. A new currency will be created, gold backed. This will make demand for the new USD gold backed soar. The banks will be filling up with depositors. There is no gold or silver backed currency in the world. The banks will revert to secrecy as in the old days. Private detectives and collection lawyers are not going to be able to get your bank records any more. Foreign investors will flow in like crazy. Banks will be begging for loans. They have to pay interest to the investor depositors. It will be low because the dollar will be in such demand. The banks will be forced to find yield, performing loans paying more interest than what they pay their depositors. Profits is the spread between the two rates. There are more than sufficient funds to run the republic.
Currency Conversion – There will, be an exchange of so many old federal reserve notes for one new gold backed dollar. I do not know the ratios. In the past I heard the figure of eight old ones to one new dollar? I am uncertain as to the effect on the euro, canadian dollar etc. I also am unclear on what the value of gold will be either. Gold and silver holdings are always good. Yes the currency should constitutionally be gold and silver coinage. Agreed. Give them some time ok. It cannot be done all at once without causing worldwide economic collapse which will make things much worse. They are not doing fiat money at all.
Federal Reserve Bank – This is a good question. I can say a private bank is not going to be sucking any debt interest off the constituents of the 50 republics any longer, forget those days as a dark memory. The currency will be gold back issued by the newly formed government without the curse of any private bankster involvement. What they do with the existing debt to the federal reserve bank is a good question. I expect it will have to be declared fraudulent and illegal. Assets of the federal reserve banks will be confiscated and returned to we the people as well, in my humble opinion. This will affect the operation of the markets like the NYSE, American Stock Exchange, Chicago Board of Trade etc. The market markets tap into the federal reserve banks directly. Not sure how this will play out but am sure they will keep the country and the world from any sort of economic catastrophe. We might not have the las vegas style markets any more. If we do they will be secured against any sort of fixing or rigging. Markets may revert to more of a sane margin free investment based on dividends etc. Not sure here but I have heard Tim Turner correctly criticize the gambling type aspects of the markets. Tim Turner has said more than once that the interest paid to the federal reserve bank does not go to run the country, it goes into the pockets of the private bankers to the tune of about 99% of it.
IRS – This is going to be wound up and disappear. It was said they will be around for about two years to wrap up old business. They will not be filing any more tax liens, foreclosures, bank liens, levies and other nonsense. No more tax police arrests. Probably 20% of the IRS will be retained for the winding down years.
FBI, Homeland Security, Etc. - I have heard President Turner state that there is a real problem in the USA with gangs. Mexican and other ethnic and national origin gangs. They rank in the millions. We do not want them. They are very very bad and sadly organized and well trained. The FBI and Homeland Security Agencies are highly trained people. I expect their morale has been in the toilet the past few years with criminals as the heads of state. Turn them lose on the gangs and you can wave bye bye to them,. This is childs play for them. They will use the intel they already have to play round up and lock them up and/or deport them. May take two years to break them up. See now we the people get to see their police agencies protecting them instead of protecting the criminals in office from we the people. The FBI etc will take to this task like a duck to water. Rest assured they will be so darn efficient at this and motivated when turned loose you will not believe it. The gangs won't believe it either. It is our legal opinion that the FBI and other federal agencies are not constitutional. They usurp powers given to the states. I am not sure how this will be dealt with but it will be dealt with. In the meantime the gangs are going to be history. Remember RAP is a 6-8 plan for complete top to bottom change. Not 6 weeks. There will be extreme immediate changes but the whole plan will take some years to effect.
Illegal Aliens – I think there are 12 to 20 million of them. They will need to be rounded up and deported. The law enforcement agencies will be used for this as well. It is not hard. First the borders get closed for real to stop the bad guys. These illegals murder, rape, plunder, rob, steal cars etc. They will have a hard time getting in or out. This will take time but their ranks will be trimmed by a lot. There will always be some hanging around in a relatives house but 80% + can be deported in a year or two. The ones remaining will not be able to get public services, health care, use the schools etc. The federal agencies in law enforcement need to go and it should be done by the states. This will take time. It is better to get rid of the gangs and the illegals while the states gear up to handle the task themselves. I believe the anchor baby problem will also be dealt with just not sure how. Arizona just refuses to give them a birth certificate if the parents are both illegal aliens. We will need to wait on many things.
Political Crimes - People will be released from jail where there is no real victim just a government statue. This will include, tax crimes, licensing crimes, debtors crimes, motor vehicle crimes, weapon statue violations, drug violations. This will be fairly immediate as will be the ending of the IRS confiscation practices.
Gun Laws – Carry open or concealed. Permits not needed. What about silencers and full auto. I expect these too will be no permit needed. ATF will soon be extinct, it is already on the endangered species list. The line will be drawn somewhere probably with hand grenades, mortars, RPG, bazookas and artillery. Knife carry laws over with.
Hunting Licenses – Well the licenses are wrong but some sort of wildlife management system needs to be in place, endangered species is a real problem. Not sure here.
Driving Licenses – I understand if you are not driving commercially no license will be needed. Insurance optional. Cause damage and you can be sued of course.All driving and motor vehicle taxes will be sharply dropped or reduced is my understanding.
Professional Licenses – Much of this will be done away with. It is invasive government control and taxation. Remember under common law you can be sued for damages and if you are untrained and un qualified it is not going to play well with a jury of your peers.
Car Registration – Think this is gone, the tax portion anyway. Maybe a permanent plate will be obtained inexpensively for reasons of ID in accidents, crimes, thefts etc. Safety inspections will probably be only for commercial vehicles or not at all.
ID – I under that a national or state ID card will be issued. Remember there will be a illegal alien roundup and gang roundup, so needed. You will simply flash your ID at a stop point or traffic stop and that is that. No further questions directed at a freeman or freewoman. None of this where are going, do you have anything in the car I should know about, just ok go about your business sir, thank you.
Taxes - There will need to be some sort of taxation it has been said by RAP. I think they are looking at a massive drop in taxes from where it is now. Massive. Might be a VAT not sure. No more tax police (IRS). I heard them say one third more in the paychecks. I also expect in addition many of the hidden taxes will be eliminated for more gain.
Social Security - I heard them say they believe they can double social security. Other entitlement and benefit programs will continue. I expect over time many of the people on these programs will be weaned off of them.
Suppressed Inventions – Many inventions especially in area of alternative energy have been suppressed for bogus national security reasons. Military has access to many of these. Home heating and electric will probably involve a one time out lay of a few thousand dollars and then no monthly bills. The Tesla inventions and derivatives of such will be used. Same for cars.
Health Care – Many alternative health care remedies and treatments will be available. Dread diseases will be managed easily if caught in time.
Freedom – You will be so free you will be amazed. It will feel like a great weight lifted off of you. People will begin to pull together. Neighbors will be neighbors again. The de facto government nurtured criminals. Common law will be harsh on violent criminals, fraudsters, thieves, burglars, armed robbers, muggers, home invaders, car jackers, rapists etc. In two years I expect crime will be down 90%. There will not be drug prosecutions so the police will be much freer to deal with such thugs. The police will also be freed of chasing citizens for political crimes without victims. If a policeman tasers you stupidly you bring him or her before the grand jury in your county and they get what they deserve. They will be tried by a jury of peers, not the police department and the state prosecutor and judge who all have the same employer and are in corrupt cahoots with each other. The police will become constitutionally correct and respective of constituents very fast. Illegal search, search and detention will be over.
Economy - The economy will almost immediately take off. The crooks siphoned off the money, taxed the people into dust and then confiscated their assets. This will all stop and the reversals will be extremely fast. Remember RAP has a cash injection of trillions. American ingenuity and know how will again prevail
Lobbyists – Tim says the lobbyists are history. No more corrupting the legislatures to favor the banksters and big corporations.
Future of Large Corporations – Things will change. They will not be able to bury people with excessive legal bills. They will be subject to common law lawsuits. Monopolization of things like the internet will be over. I do expect spam to be legal. It is a first amendment violation. They feared spam because it could have enabled a candidate to run and get elected on a small budget. Ebay has a death grip on the auction market which I redirect will go away. Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail have such with email which I think will cease. Google as the dominant search engine will cease. You see spam lets people compete with these giants. Now with spam illegal you still get flooded with junk but the real companies cant use it. It is a way to break up the internet monopolies.
Schools – The emphasis will be on home schooling in my opinion. There will be public schools. Expect to see the country return to english only. No schools, no driving licenses, etc in foreign languages. Nations with more than one language do poorly. One language is best.
What to Do – Wait and watch. RAP will have an official press release in three days. Looks like the days of secrecy are lifting fast. If you encounter someone who criticizes RAP because this wasn't done correct blah blah blah. Ask them is they think Obama is better? Then ask them where were they and why don't they have a valid movement in place? Remember government agents will be around now and for some time to come. They will try to make RAP fail. Just shut these people down fast and hard. Accuse them of being a friend of the de facto government. Tell them if they like police states they can move to Cuba.
There are members of other movements that will be jealous of RAP and want to hurt RAP for incorrect reasons. These people are self serving and wanted power and control. They can care less about where you stand to benefit, they are just mad they were not the ones to do it. This will soon blow over once the finality of RAP sets in and they enjoy the freedoms. RAP was just the reboot button to reboot the government back to being what the founding fathers intended. The RAP people are there for six months, big deal. Then come free non electric elections. Tell these people to run for office. You too can run for office. So support the RAP government for the six months and then get active politically.
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