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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Heart's comments regarding Chris Story 07-29-10

Regarding the death of Christopher Story, from his last report and statement he made, I believe he was assassinated, either shot as reported or poisonedCurious that there wasn't a real obituary, just a little announcement.
I enjoyed Chris's reports. I have been reading them for 3 years now. He was a very brave man, highly intelligent, and had a deep faith in God, often printing verses from the bible in his reports. I encourage anyone reading this to please go to his website and read reports from the archives. Chris was all about truth and he exposed criminals and their activities both in the US and globallyThe depth of corruption in America is shocking!! We are talking illuminati, satanists, the Vatican, City of London, etc. Please read for yourselves..........
May Chris Story rest in peace. His passing is a great loss to this world.          Heart

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