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Thursday, July 29, 2010

casper opinion and news 07-29-10

This morning the packs were out again for delivery today. Obama ordered them back to D.C. AND...

This morning Obama filed a Lien against all programs claiming ownership of all funds.

 Don't worry, this too will be dealt with, WE think. 

 A terrible incoming report this morning says STORY was MURDERED on the 14th 'walking down the street'.

Lets all pray its not true. If anyone can testify please post.


Yesterday I didn't complete my thought when discussing the North Eastern States attempting to eliminate the Electoral College which would allow ten states to 'out vote' the other forty (mob rule).

Its a 'Leap to Far' from the Founders Constitutional Republic to Obama's Communism. Stepping stones are necessary. Formalizing the change to a 'Democracy' is one such stepping stone, from there to Socialism the next, then the Libs and Obama can make the final small step to the far side of the Political River, Communism. Ron Paul says Obama is a 'Corporatist'.

I say he is a born, bred and educated Communist and is taking our Country there as fast as is humanly possible in keeping with the Policies he is implementing, all of which were put to paper in the late sixties and early seventies by "The Weathermen Underground", a Radical Marxist Group intent on the overthrow of the Constitutional U.S.....Their Publications are not secret and Obama's 'Enforcement' of them very visible.

 Having failed to enforce Immigration Laws and Suing the States (Arizona) to stop them from enforcing Immigration Laws he (Obama) is Intentionally erasing our Southern Border. And now, as posted on RMN just yesterday, he has issued an Executive Order subjecting the Great Lakes and all U.S. Coastlines to the U.N. 'Law of the Sea Treaty' (LOST)-isn't that appropriate. The "Law of the Sea" is Admiralty Law which has taken over our Article Three (Constitutional) Court System and represents International Interest and Creditors, not you or your country men. Wasn't it just a week ago when I asked, rhetorically, "to whom are 'they' trying so hard to turn over control of the mouth of the Mississippi River"? Do you think all these things are happening 'by accident'? On all fronts simultaneously, you are witnessing the 'sell-out' of your country by a man and wife who place their left hand over their right chest when the Pledge of Allegiance or the National Anthem is played. A man who did not want to wear a U.S. flag apparel pin until the press forced the issue, a man who has spent millions to keep the people from seeing his birth certificate, a man who is 'changing' the United States as fast as humanly possible as 'Instructed by his Controllers', the NWO Illuminati.

How do you feel about the SEC now being exempted from the Freedom of Information Act? In the Financial Arena the imposed 'change' to Socialism then Communism instead of Capitalism is just as quick and just as profound as all the other 'arenas' and now they have passed a law (Financial Regulatory Overhaul) saying the public no longer has the right to find out what the SEC is ALLOWING the 'Rapist" (Goldman, Banks, the Street, etc.) to get away with.

 On the evening news: Acorn breaking into foreclosed homes and 'taking them over' and moving their people into them. No keys since they broke the locks to get in. No conversation, no communication with the owner, simply taking over the homes and CARRYING LARGE ACORN SIGNS while doing so.

 The Financial Condition of the United States and California are so 'out of control' neither is bothering to even produce a Budget.  Never in history.

 Mexican Drug Lords now buying houses/ranches in U.S. Border Areas 'where they can be safe'.

 Going to abandon this now, pressing matters.

                         casper   7-29-10


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