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Friday, July 16, 2010

MSNBC July 15: Matt Simmons still says BP covering up MASSIVE HOLE miles away, cap test is "absurd"

MSNBC July 15: Matt Simmons still says BP covering up MASSIVE HOLE miles away, cap test is "absurd"

Vatic Note: Gee, listen to this. Its possible that the blow out was NOT where the oil is leaking, (No!!!! what a shock) Apparently there is another hole instead of this one, surprise, surprise. hahahahaaa, He is right, this is getting ridiculous. This is MSNBC owned by the "Rockefeller" bankers. So what is it really. We now do know that this was not the hole that was the problem. They are now saying its an Open hole 20 miles away. AFTER 90 DAYS THEY DIDN'T KNOW THIS???  Are they trying to say they sealed the wrong hole?  Why?  so they can use the "crisis" again, to manage it, pump fear and scare people into literally moving from their homes???   Or is the back door being left open in case they want to revive this one again further down the road when all this disclosure out of the net is stopped? Or maybe this is a battle between Rockefeller and Rothschild??? Its beginning to sound like it. Rockefeller may have won this one. However, it also maybe an ongoing battle. Maybe Rothschild wants the gulf destroyed and Rockefeller wants to take over BP??? With the sale of stock and the drop in prices, that could be the game. Well, lets try and see who ends up BENEFITTING from this crisis. Its a big scam of unprecedented scope and depth and RISK, so the payoff would have to be big.  

I still think it was never a crisis. Check out what the Foreign Affairs magazine said about its about 6 mos to a year to clean up the Gulf. Hmmmmm, From a massive fear promotion about an earth extinction event, now to a one year cleanup problem????? its ALL TOO STRANGE AND SMELLS.   We have been saying this since the whistleblower leaked about the BP controlled spill from the tar volcano and nothing I have seen has changed my mind about that.

MSNBC July 15: Matt Simmons still says BP covering up MASSIVE HOLE miles away, cap test is "absurd"


Now listen to Simmons in these other two interviews:  One on the 6th of June and then on the 15th of June again which  is way different than the story he is saying above?  So who knows the truth???  Can we trust any of them???


This above was Simmons early commentary on June 7, and then he said Nuke it a week later, and now he is saying it is not even the blow out hole that was the problem, rather a hole some 20 miles away? ... so who does he work for?  Really???  As I said before, it was all going to be ok, and by golly it is,  except this guy is keeping it going with a NEW HOLE SPEWING oil.   I think he wants that nuke.  


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