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Monday, July 19, 2010

casper 7-18-10 opinion #3

While China and Japan, the two largest buyers of U.S. debt historically, are dramatically cutting back their purchases the U.K. has suddenly increased their purchases just as dramatically. The U.K. is just as broke as the U.S.. This can only mean the FED, using the U.K. as middleman, is Monetizing U.S. Debt clandestinely (buying Treasuries), something Bernake said he would not do. The whole Banking Sector is a fraud kept viable publicly with accounting tricks and phony bookkeeping. Only 'the public' is being fooled.
"First by Inflation and then by Deflation" said Jefferson, "the Banks will deprive the people of their property until their children wake up homeless on the Continent their fathers conquered". I often wonder, because I think Jefferson was by far our smartest President, if someone somewhere in history reversed his quote to read Inflation/Deflation instead of Deflation/Inflation as the unfolding scenario indicates the latter. Stopping the current very visible deflation will require even more bailouts and even more secret Fed purchases of Debt Instruments which leads to the further debasing of the currency which is the cause of the Inflation to follow, a 'trap' of their own making due their refusal to allow their 'handlers' (Corrupt Financial Institutions) to fail. What's worse, saving the corrupt banks and the status quo is being done on the backs of generations of innocent taxpayers meaning the people are being harnessed as 'Debt Slaves' for generations to come. There is no change in policy on the horizon, many new Trillions in debt are to be added to the Trillions of recently created debt with the only possible 'out' being the total failure of their 'Fraudulent Financial Playpen' and a new Banking System based on honest money (metals) rather than debt. This is of course the anticipated outcome portrayed by  ALL messengers for many years. This outcome exposes the Criminal Activities of the Corporation of the United States and its employees, especially the several successive Presidents who have worked together to keep the people from learning of the Massive Corruption and the train of abuses which will stagger the population when/if fully exposed. It's a matter of life or death for the guilty as one thing leads to another, deliveries, announcements, Constitution, arrests. A great evil has been in CONTROL of our Country. It is commonly known as 'The Illuminati'.
While the internet reports of the Bankruptcy of B.ofA. and Deutsche Bank are technically INCORRECT, the OUTCOME portrayed by the reports are essentially true. Both Banks plus more have changed hands (not referring to retail).
As you know, I believe the destruction of the existing 'systems' is intentional. I believe the destruction of the Ponzi Financial System  has been successful and needs only to be announced. This does not mean our Country/Republic is also being destroyed. We are not the FED.  I believe we will return to the Constitution which means the preservation of our Country/Republic at the expense of the Corporation/Illuminati/Fed Res/Evil D.C. Cabal.
Success of the new, IMO, will depend to a great extent upon the 'velocity' of the new money. Money in a pile, carefully watched, helps no one, not even its owner. Money moving helps everyone through who's hands it passes.
Spend and GIVE your money.
'Making Money', IMO, should be the last thing on our minds. How many yachts can you ski behind? The exception, IMO, is investment in 'job creation'.
Once before I referred to the possibility of the approaching 'change' being akin to flipping a light switch in a dark room. What if 'the people' awake to debt forgiveness? What if it includes Mortgage Debt, perhaps even National (Sovereign) Debt?
A 'Debt Collapse's, which we are faced with IMO, becomes the ashes from which the Phoenix rises.
Consecutive methods of 'sabotage' used over the last ten days are more in number and methods used than we have reported here as it is often true that by the time WE are ready to report yesterdays methods and participants a whole new game of sabotage has arisen and we are busy following and preparing to report the current event rather than the one quelled a couple of days ago. Those 'in the know' are aware of the events reported in this mornings two updates and the 'players' have been dealing with the repercussions from the events described in those disclosures all day today. 'Readiness' to "go" right now in the eyes of some messengers is no different than the 'readiness' to "go" in their eyes last week or the week before. For some reason, perhaps because they are not 'tapped into' the various 'sabotages' reported here, they seem never to question why it didn't "go" as scheduled last week or weeks ago.
When such things as the 'First Rail' activity generally known as the 'whip' occurs it does indicate 'readiness' at the time it occurs but it becomes irrelevant when the next and latest 'sabotage' occurs at the 'Second Rail' level where almost all sabotage occurs. We have passed through that stage of readiness many many times only to have things stopped again at the 'Second Rail' level where all of the past weeks delays came from.
At the center of the repercussions of this latest sabotage lies the U.N. as reported this morning as they find themselves between the pressures being exerted by the good guys on the one hand and the threats from the bad guys on the other.
The good guys and we, you and I, will win as reflected in this mornings updates. The 'OUTCOME'  will be the same whether you prefer the "all is always well' reports or the 'Snake Killing' reports like this one.  It is simply a necessary matter that the 'Snakes' and their 'sabotages' must be dealt with and corrected as they occur before deliveries can occur and therein lies the reason for the seemingly endless delays even when things are 'ready'. . The fascinating  part, from 'our perspective', is that so few know of these things as they occur day after day and even with days or weeks to 'tap into' the reasons for the delays they are still unable to do so even after the fact. Such is the difference between 'second rail' and 'first rail' knowledge and contacts.
The pressure is on and WE anticipate an immediate and successful conclusion but no one knows, until they do it, what the bad guys will do next.
To end this with upbeat thoughts consider how many times we have expected deliveries and the terrible disappointments we have endured. Now visualize the bad guys and the many times they thought they had our funds stolen or traded only to learn at the last possible moment their 'super secret scam du jour' has once again been caught and stopped. They are getting their own 'medicine' back in spades and what happened this weekend involving the loss of Trillions they thought they had 'in the bag' must be the 'last straw' for them mentally and emotionally. Bless their poor little hearts.
                         casper   7-18-10  opinion  #3

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