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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

casper 07-27-10 #2

WE think everyone is getting "conned" right now including us. We may not be able to report all of it accurately right now but this time it will be due to our incomplete facts rather than withholding anything intentionally.
WE are being forced to conclude that news coming from the 'Tribunal' lately has not been truthful. The media present have been ordered to keep quiet causing some of them to pack up and leave.
When Obama appeared back at the White House on CNN Monday morning WE were advised that he had 'escaped' with the help of a 'double'. Then Intel from D.C. and Europe said he had been 'collected' by the Provost and returned to Europe not via Air Force One. The story continued this morning saying the Provost had delivered another 'double' but once the Tribunal realized what had happened they were 'hot on the trail' of the real Obama and when found he would be delivered directly to the Hague based on Verdicts handed down during the day finding him guilty of Embezzlement, Treason, etc.. Others names were included, many others, some already found guilty, some to receive Verdicts later in the day. This 'ruse', if that be what it is, continued all day with a 'cops and robbers' elaborate storyline we will skip for now as it is not important because it appears it was false.
WE have tried to be especially careful with all this the last few days due the enormous significance of it. WE were 'tip toeing thru the tulips' but not without having sources watching things from here and from there. Today it became apparent that facts 'on the ground' were not properly matching up with the stories being told, something was 'just not right', WE have been sensing a snake in the wood pile since mid day.
As best WE can analyze things right now it appears the Provost is following the orders of Obama rather than the Tribunal. WE are quite sure about the enormous amounts of documentation and evidence in the hands of the Tribunal and the charges against all the bad guys, Obama, Clinton, Bush, Geithner and many many many more. WE believe the orders to retrieve and deliver Obama are real along with orders to deliver many others only a few of which we have mentioned such as the heads of Brinks and Carlyle. WE believe the Tribunal can not obtain 'enforcement' of its orders. The packs remaining in D.C. even now is proof of this. The failure of the Provost to perform as ordered is further proof. Obama's defiance and arrogance further proof.
The U.S. is represented on the Tribunal. This was set up to by pass the corrupt World Court and the United Nations. This is serious business. It just does not get any bigger or more profound than this. WE believe that once Obama managed to "escape" and return to his "cave", that being the confines of the Corporation, and the 'Legal Shield' surrounding him he again assumed the stance that 'he is God and no one can touch him' no matter what he does. He has the entire Political Establishment behind him wanting to preserve themselves in power. He is controlling the Military through those willing to protect the Corporation and the Illuminati plans for the final demise of our Republic. He is backed up by the Money Power willing to do anything at all not to lose Control.
If WE are seeing things correctly, and we will certainly know more soon, the only alternative is that which the world has tried so hard to avoid that being the collapsing of the existing structure financially which is a complex subject for another day. Suffice it to say that the Stock Market would collapse taking Trillions with it.
WE will know more when the sun comes up but felt WE should get this 'heads up' of a lousy nature out to the world tonight.
casper 7-27-10 #2

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