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Friday, July 23, 2010

Smells like another false flag coming.

Vatic Note:  Looks like a false flag is being planned.   Apparently, according to CLG Newsletter, Lori Price,  http://www.legitgov.org/,  we just ordered millions of SMALL POX VACCINES FROM A GERMAN COMPANY AND THE CDC HAD DONE EXPERIMENTS WITH SMALL POX AND MONKEY POX WHICH HAS NO ANTIDOTE, THEREFORE YOU WILL TAKE IT IF YOU WANT TO LIVE AND THUS RECEIVE WHAT THEY HAD TAINTED IN THE PREVIOUS VACCINES they tried to force us to use.  Here is the CLG newletter paragraph sent out by Lori Price on 7/20/10

Just a guess on my part, but the small pox article is also going up today, so keep these two in mind when you review them.  They go together.  One of the Biggest acts of treason by a state is in Missouri.  Remember, they were the first to act in violation of our Bill of Rights based on lies issued and finally retracted,  by the SPLC AND THE ADL.   Now they are going to take the lead in this full out act of treason and violations of all we hold dear as a free people.  They are going to militarily occupy civilian soil and act as the GESTAPO FOR THE BANKERS AND ZIONISTS on their behalf to create AN ANOTHER ACT OF TERROR to bring in a FASCIST state right here in America, with full Nazi leadership.   Just go to the right and look for "series" and click on the Protocols of Zion and read the most recent historical perspective on how they took over Russia, Poland and others through these very same techniques and the results will be exactly like the 80 year repressive history of Russia.  60 MILLION OF THE RUSSIAN, POLISH AND HUNGARIAN  UNARMED CITIZENS WERE MASSACRED IN DROVES.  This my friends is a life and death situation we are coming into if we allow this below to continue

National Guard’s “Homeland Response Force” to Patrol Missouri, Nine Other States

Posted By aaron On July 15, 2010 @ 12:39 pm In Featured Stories
Aaron Dykes, Infowars.com

Homeland Response Forces are descending upon Missouri and nine other states, where National Guard units will be the face of Federal power in the regions in the event of a terrorist attack or disaster. (VN:  the only terrorists as we know are the zionists in the Wall street Bankers running our gov, and they already commit crimes that they will never be arrested for SO THIS IS NOT ABOUT TERRORISM, THIS IS ABOUT GESTAPO WARGAMES TO SEE HOW WE ACCEPT "YOUR PAPERS, PLEASE", and control of our movements through roadblocks,  confiscation of guns even if legal, confiscation of gold and silver etc. THE WORLD AS YOU KNOW IS GONE IF THEY ARE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE DOWN THIS PATH IF WE DO NOT SPEAK UP NOW)

RAND Corp. "Katrina Offers Lessons for Improving the National Guard Response to Catastrophic Domestic Emergencies" http://www.rand.org/…/summer2007/katrina.html  (vn:  THE RAND CORPORATION???  This is why its called fascism.... corporations telling us how to run the military and domestic affairs)

The Sedalia Democrat reports that, along with Missouri, the state where the report was written, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Texas, Utah and California will also host the National Guard Homeland Response Forces in the name of fighting terrorism. A unit will be placed within each of the regions established by FEMA, effectively implementing Federal powers at the state level premptively.  (VN:  pay attention to what states are blatantly violating our countries laws such as the posse comitatus)

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