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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Circus Ring 2 - Summary of what is Really Going On Now - Packets!

We are now have a 3 ring circus going on and many are confused.
Disinfo agencies cherish confusion.
I do not so let's see if I can summarize what is going on with circus ring 2 to the best of my understanding.

The new gold backed treasury banks must be ready for access by the participants on Monday, Aug. 2. I do have reports of these bills being distributed by Bank Of America in Kansas City. These are Treasury Notes and not Federal Reserve Notes. I will post the first image of one when it is obtainable.

Deliveries info not allowed on the net and are per the Skype report as always.

And yes this has been a WILD ROLLER COASTER and I want off!

The NEEDS list is secured and being updated daily. A Round Up of outstanding missing will be forth coming shortly.

DETAILED INPUT INQUIRY FORMS will be started being sent out on Monday Aug. 2.

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