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Sunday, July 18, 2010

casper 07-18-10 #1

Several days worth of continuing sabotage by the 'usual suspects' since OUR last update could be spelled out in great detail but it is history now and a waste of time so let us instead deal with the current problem.

China, working with Obama and Hillary, managed to move some of the funds while simultaneously Obama & Hillary instructed Treasury to destroy certain packs (a la DOJ previously). The Treasury problem was previously dealt with and now the diverted monies are being retrieved and put back in place. The amount involved is far in excess of the 17T rumored and being discussed in some circles privately. The number is extremely large and WE are unclear about exactly which money and who's money it was. The key point is that it was caught, stopped and is being retrieved and put back in place today.
As an aside, Hillary says she and Obama 'can't be arrested, they would have to leave the country first'. She says any of several countries will 'take them'. Their immediate and desperate problem is they need big money to make that scenario fly and even more big money to repay all the embezzled funds hence these additional last minute attempts to steal anything anywhere.
Barring additional unforeseen complications WE now anticipate deliveries tomorrow.
casper 7-18-10

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