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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Here is the latest "theft" that was going on while we were dealing with the Gulf.

Vatic Note: What? A BONUS TAX WINDFALL FOR BRITISH CEO'S?? Is THIS our new Globalizing???  Take from the American worker/taxpayer and give it to the British Crown for their CEO'S of the companies they own????  Now we know why we had a revolution in 1776.  Looks like Royalty never changes.... take take take.   Give nothing in return.   Screw you!   They gave their crooked CEO's 1 billion pounds of bonuses and we are paying for it? God, they are pushing us to see how far they can do US TAXPAYERS. Damn, David Icke is right, its time we GREW UP and became the warriors we are capable of becoming if we get OUTRAGED ENOUGH. THIS IS WHAT WAS GOING ON WHILE WE DEALT WITH THE GULF SCAM. The "Tiger" is getting very very restless.

Are we already now a British Colony once again? What is this? I don't remember reading in the bailout bill that we are to rescue foreign banks CEO "BONUSES" with our tax dollars? Is that why the Queen visited here? Was she visiting one of her colonies? Is that what we are once again? NEVER. The royalty of britian have done nothing for the people of britian except to bring them shame and Distrust and no life since everything they earn goes into taxes, maybe that is why we are suffering the same fate? If we are now under british rule, we are in the same boat as the British. Well, its time for the Irish to get back into the game again. There is one solution to all of this. Do NOT COOPERATE BY PAYING YOUR TAXES IF THIS IS WHAT THEY ARE DOING WITH THEM. This is where we can take a stand. Put your taxes in escrow with a lawyer and once they prove Britian has paid back all we have given them, only then agree to pay the taxes. Its how we hold them accountable for this. Let them pay the CAP AND TRADE TAX, BECAUSE WE WON'T DO IT and because our banks owe us TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS AND ARE MAKING RECORD PROFITS, so let them pay everyone back.  

US banks paying more than half of Britain's £2.5bn bonus tax windfall
America's three largest banks have paid more than £1bn in taxes on the bonuses of their UK-based staff, highlighting the bumper windfall the Government received from the one-off levy.  (VN:  They forgot to tell us its the Rothschild british who own those companies, so they aren't really US companies)
Contributed to Vatic by European Union Times
By Harry Wilson, Financial Services Correspondent
Published: 10:24PM BST 16 Jul 2010

US banks paying more than half of Britain's £2.5bn bonus tax windfall Photo: AFP/AP

Bank of America and Citigroup on Friday disclosed that they had paid out £567m and £263m respectively to cover the cost of the bonus tax, which was only originally forecast to generate revenues of about £550m.

The disclosures add to the £328m that JP Morgan Chase said it had paid in its second-quarter results published on Thursday, taking the total paid out by the three banks to £1.26bn, about half of the £2.5bn total amount the tax is now expected to raise.

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