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Friday, July 16, 2010

Source Says "Connect The Dots to July 15, 2010 Anybody think these events are related?"

                                           Posted By: Rayelan <Send E-Mail>
                                           Date: Friday, 16-Jul-2010 03:00:31
Connect The Dots to July 15, 2010
Anybody think these events are related?
June 13 – Russian spy Tretyakov dies in Florida of heart attack. He oversaw Russian skimming of billions from UN Iraq food for weapons program and Iraq and Saddam Hussein double deals with west.
June 14 – Russia indicates it may deliver gas to Iran despite western sanctions
June 22 – Medvedev sends his first tweet
June 26- Russian red head spy Chapman makes “mistake” and is “detected” by US intel
June 28 - Russian spies are arrested
June 30- O meets Medvedev
June 30 – Tensions between Iran and Russia advertised as Russia indicates it may not supply missile contract to Iran, and Iran may turn to China.
June 30 - Russian spy vanishes after arrest in Cyprus and release on bail
July 7 - Russia seeks spy exchange
July 8- Spies quickly exchanged
July 8 – Catholic Church announces names of first 5 freedom fighters to be released from Cuba
July 11 – Spain defeats Netherlands in World Cup
July 12 - Cuban nationalists released to Spain
July 13- Released Cuban Nationals begin arriving in Spain
July 13 – Russia announces new army uniforms that look like US or Western European uniforms
July 13 – US MSM releases report that Obama plans to dismantle additional 40% of US nukes
July 14 - US intel releases Iran nuke scientist Shahram Amiri back to Iran. Favoring both Russian and Obama interests in Iran.
July 14 – 7th anniversary of Robert Novak “exposing” V Plame’s intel cover as a cia wmd spy handler over middle east.
July 15 - Goldman agrees to $550M “fine” for subprime fraud that leveraged hundreds of trillions in collateralized debt obligations that are still outstanding. Too big to fail apparently.
July 15 - US Senate passes financial “reform” bill that seeks to
"nationalize" the entire economy, and finalize the elimination of private ownership in US

July 15 - Latest BP gizmo “stops” oil gusher in Gulf
What just happened here?

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