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Friday, July 16, 2010


The Restore America Plan
RAP.net News
To all Freedom-Loving Americans:

Starting this week, we will be holding RESTORE AMERICA INFORMATION CALLS each week, indefinitely. (Starting tonight!)

These calls are for all the jurors and supporters of Restore America Plan to
invite their friends, relatives –  everyone to phone in to these calls and be introduced to and learn about the Restore America Plan and to sign up on the website.

These calls will be:

There will be two calls each evening.
These calls will be kept short – 20 minutes long (30 min. at the max.)
Times:  7:00 AND 9:00 pm Central Time 8:00pm and 10:00pm Eastern Time
Phone No: 712-432-0075  pin: 793323

We all recognize the need to get the word out to the masses.
We are excited about what is happening and want everyone else to know….This will be an effective way to do that.

These “RESTORE AMERICA INFORMATION CALLS” are not a part of the grand juries. They are NOT a part of the grand jury training (which is held on Mondays and Thursdays); these are for the spreading and the enlargement of the Restore America Plan.

Don’t come to these calls expecting to hear any juicy updates because there will be none; we are here ONLY to introduce all Americans to the brilliant plan (which IS WORKING) to restore our great land.

We welcome jurors to listen in, but after you have heard it a couple times, we want you to be spending your time and energy INVITING others to dial in.

One great thing about our calls is that we are NOT asking for money (like so many other various conference calls done every night!). What we have to offer is FREEDOM for our fellow man, a NORMAL FUTURE for our CHILDREN and GENERATIONS to come. We are not here to “take” but to “give” by teaching people the TRUTH of how we have been robbed and lied to and what we should expect of our government!

We are people who are absolutely finished with the status quo, we’ve had enough and we are not taking any more!

Sound familiar??? Don’t cheat your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, etc… Help them out of the snares

(The calls are set up so that the first call is conveniently timed for those in the Central and East Coast times, 7 CDT and 8 EDT.  And the second call is conveniently timed for those in the Pacific and Mountain times, 7 PDT and 8 MDT).

Thanks! for YOUR Support!

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