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Monday, July 26, 2010

from RMN
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                                Date: Monday, 26-Jul-2010 16:38:18

I wanted to tell everyone about the article my wife wrote for her law school, how in communicating with Haagen-Dazs she discovered that they might be breaking international law by saying they use the best ingredients in the world when they use milk that is produced by rGBH injected cows... something that is illegal in the EU, Japan and other nations. Haagen-Dazs recently changed their label to limit the degree of their notion of "best" rather than change the policy of the milk they use. And I used to like Haagen-Dazs.
But then the BP oil spill happened and living in Maine, which is essentially down-wind of the gulf, my attention swung south. I have become an avid organic gardener and was concerned about toxic rain and the extent of this "spill."
I have read all the worst-case scenarios and heard Matthew Simmons "Nuke Only Option" spiel on youtube and R. Hoagland's dire warnings on Coast 2 Coast. So I decided to call NOAA and eventually even cold-called the Capt. of the NOAA research vessel Thomas Jefferson and spoke to him directly. Again I thought I should contact RMN or someone and voice something I haven't heard: namely that the good Captain, who is from Maine and has family up the coast in Belfast, told me that none of the rumors were true as far as he had observed first-hand, based on his finding so far, but he was quick to say they hadn't analyzed all the data yet. He was pretty open with me, perhaps because I simply told him I live in Maine and wanted to know what he knew (real Mainers often have a cordial nature among themselves, especially when out of state or considering those from "away", though this term is fading with the demographics.) I did not feel any evasiveness or dishonor on the part of the NOAA people I spoke to.
This lends much more credence to the idea that the spill is a contrived event and that just like Obama said, they will restore the gulf, but probably not until they have robbed Americans again. Wittingly or not, Simmons and Hoagland seem to be feeding the fears that play into the hands of the people causing the problem (and I generally love listening to R. Hoagland on any topic). As well, when I contacted Mr. Simmons and told his secretary what I had heard first-hand, I did not get a response nor call back, though I left my number, and his offices don't seem that busy. He seems like he might be a Gore-type, someone who will profit from a fake panic he helped to cause.
I might be wrong, just going with my gut on that one, but it seems like we should focus more on solutions and innovative thinking. For example, the solution might be for people to rally behind the gulf residents and even set up a fund to maintain their real estate value while residents do take a leave of absence. Other things they will need is a proper detox clinic. I detoxed after 911 at NYDETOX.ORG. Very effective and affordable technology that probably saved my life. Add in some super foods, zeolite, orgone generators, prill water, bacteria... we really already have the ability to stop/prevent much of this foolishness.
As well, I can't imagine the Maine Lobstermen sitting on their hands while this type of things occurs... people get shot for less in that industry. I am not advocating violence--far from it, but why is their no civil disobedience being encouraged? If ever the spirit of Thoreau and Paine needed to be heeded...
But still, that was over a week ago and still I didn't write.
The thing that finally motivated me to write today was something John Lear said. I watched the excellent Robert Dean link and then clicked over to Mr. Lear. While I have some mis-givings of Lear, I think he has a lot to offer humanity and something he said about the nature of the ufo cover-up struck me: it is such a layered ball of secrecy it can never be dismantled, certainly not without a pardon for all involved.
Pardon indeed! If only it were so simple. To my mind, the real juggernaut holding things up is the moral compromises people in power have been forced to make and how will they ever be able to forgive themselves, let alone face up to it and be pardoned. Kay Griggs exposes some of this with grace and dignity in this link most of us have seen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gu4SGtAQ8ec
What a courageous woman! We need more courageous men and women like Kay and Raye. But most of all, we need to find a way to get this system to face itself on a level that will be gut-wrenching and seems near impossible. Talk about "rather lose an American city" than give up the secret. I think this must be why Sinead ended her song Famine by singing "Forgiveness" over and over and over...
Really, much of the reality on this planet seems designed to wake people up to their own Divinity and all that that implies, rather than just oppress. And if that fails, then perhaps this vehicle we are in is not up to the job of evolving. We are infinite beings, are we not?
We all have things about ourselves we need to accept and forgive. Some of us were not so spiritually enlightened not that very long ago, and so can relate more than others. But I wonder how we are going to get the top brass in the military and anyone involved in the secret societies to forgive themselves?
I was adversely effected by 911 (became seriously ill and derailed my careers in the arts and fashion, among other things). But I gained so much from that event and on some level, I pity the people who perpetrated that event and even more, I thank them! A gratitude similar to when I go into the ocean and swim everyday and I thank the ocean for her gift and sacrifice I feel she is making, especially now with this oil spill. I feel a Divine Plan at work in everything and recognize that patience and a refusal to allow fear to limit my awareness that we are all connected as infinite beings and sparks of the Divine is the lesson I am learning now.
So, mostly I just wanted to write that I feel sad for those who are trapped by a system they were born into, one way or another. A system that enslaves by taking away the dignity and trust humans need most to have any sense of joy and compassion for their fellow human beings. And I pray that we are all, like the ocean, making a worthy sacrifice for them by playing the role of the ones that they oppress. Perhaps if they see this perspective they will break the bonds that hold them and realize that we do not judge them, rather we love them and want them to return to their own divinity, which we are blessed to already realize. Nothing they have done is greater than their own humanity. It's not called "Ok Grace" its called "Amazing Grace".

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