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Monday, July 26, 2010

casper 07-26-10

On the 24th WE did, of necessity, 'tip toe thru the tulips'. WE will be doing some more of that now while reporting what we can. Hopefully you can 'read between the lines'.

Last Wednesday in Europe a group of Judges, not World Court Judges, gathered themselves together for an under taking which continues even now. Over the weekend OBAMA was the "Guest of Honor". After a couple of days 'on the hot seat' so to speak, he 'slipped away' in time to appear on your friendly 'bought and paid for' CNN Network Station early this morning. He had them on the scene to document his arrival at the White House for 'the world' to see. Before the sun set on the White House he was "invited" back to the gathering by 9.p.m. tonight and will arrive timely albeit not of 'his own accord'. His 'transportation' was not Air Force One.
MICHELLE 'has kindly consented' to cancel other plans so that she may join 'The Ruler' and Bill and Hillary and many others CRIMINALS in their respective assigned seats. ALL are 'Guest' of the JUDGES in charge of 'the gathering'.
OBAMA has ordered all U.S. Media not to attend and so far they have not been in attendance. 'Others' have been.
If you have trouble 'reading between the lines' re-read the last ten or so updates. His Highness still believes, even under these circumstances, that he is GOD and he is not hesitating to inform the 'world' of his lofty position.
BRINKS has tonight informed the Judges 'they can't be arrested' for continuing to sabotage deliveries. There must be something in the water up there or else Obama's hypnotic abilities work even better on VIP's than on us 'peasants'. The head of Brinks has been told to 'wait right there' that he would receive IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE making his way to 'the gathering'.
Hopefully the above is perfectly clear to you even though WE are leaving out other Intel best left unsaid right now.
There are still Carrier Problems as you can see. Hopefully they will be over come in time for deliveries tomorrow.
Casper 7-26-10

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