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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

News with Attitude - Illegal Alien Gets Taxpayer Funded Penis Pump

News with Attitude
Illegal Alien Gets Taxpayer Funded Penis Pump

From the desk of Harold Poole

An American Patriot in the Liberal State of Maryland!
"American By Birth, Patriot By Conviction, & Southron By The Grace of God!!!"
"Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito", Latin, which translated means "do not give in to evil but proceed ever more boldly against it." -- Publius Vergilius Maro (Virgil)

Quote of the Day "I am a child of the South. Janet Napolitano tells me I need to be afraid of people who are labeled white supremacists but I was raised around white supremacists. I am not afraid of white supremacists. I am concerned about my own government. The Patriot Act did not come from the white supremacists, it came from the White House and Congress." -- Cynthia McKinney

*** Breitbart to NAACP president: ‘Go to hell’
http://a4cgr. wordpress. com/2010/ 07/18/09- 312/
Drew Zahn
Journalist insists black leaders – not tea partiers – are real ‘racists’
Internet journalist Andrew Breitbart unleashed a tirade on talk radio yesterday, blasting the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People for its condemnation of tea partiers as “racist,” instead charging the NAACP itself with racism and telling its president [...]

*** Hidden Cameras on the Arizona Border 2: Drugs, Guns and 850 Illegal Aliens
http://a4cgr. wordpress. com/2010/ 07/18/05- 399/
Janice Kephart, Bryan Griffith
“Hidden Cameras on the Arizona Border 2: Drugs, Guns, and 850 Illegal Aliens” is the Center for Immigration Studies’ second web-based film on the impact of illegal alien activity in Arizona. The Center’s first video on the subject, “Hidden Cameras on the Arizona Border: Coyotes, Bears, and Trails,” has received [...]

*** Whistleblower Reveals Obama-Black Panther Party Collusion
http://a4cgr. wordpress. com/2010/ 07/18/08- 336/
Jim Kouri
The Department of Justice whistleblower who resigned over the “corrupt nature of the dismissal” of the New Black Panther case testified before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights this week. Unfortunately, except for Glenn Beck and a few others, the nation’s newsrooms are ignoring the story. At the hearing in the commission’s [...]

*** Facebook Deletes Official Alex Jones Page Over Gadsden Flag
http://a4cgr. wordpress. com/2010/ 07/18/04- 398/
Paul Joseph Watson
Facebook has sensationally banned the official Alex Jones Facebook page after a customer services representative admitted that all material containing images of the famous Gadsden flag was being deleted by the social networking giant. While some fan pages remain up, the official Alex Jones Facebook page at http://www.facebook .com/realalexjon es has been terminated. [...]

*** Illegal Alien Gets Taxpayer Funded Penis Pump
http://a4cgr. wordpress. com/2010/ 07/18/06- 382/
Doug Powers
[Ed. note ~ THIS IS NOT SATIRE!!!]
We might as well go ahead and coin the phrase “undocumented erection.” Via an email from “Infidel Joe,” here’s the scoop from Minnesota’s Shakopee News: A man in the country illegally who committed a $27,000 identity-theft crime in Scott County was able to [...]

Other noteworthy additions .....

*** Feds Ignore Due Process, First Amendment, Shut Down Thousands of Blogs
http://a4cgr. wordpress. com/2010/ 07/18/03- 406/
Kurt Nimmo

*** Come and get it! Get your Obama BS removal kit!
http://a4cgr. wordpress. com/2010/ 07/18/07- 367/
Floyd Reports

*** Green Jobs Don’t Exist In A Free Market
http://a4cgr. wordpress. com/2010/ 07/18/02- 405/
Tom DeWeese

*** CIA Director Panetta Contracts Blackwater Security Firm
http://a4cgr. wordpress. com/2010/ 07/18/01- 409/
Jim Kouri
These are only a few of today's news items. For these and much, much more, please visit http://a4cgr. wordpress. com/
As always, please feel free to comment - share your thoughts - disagree - agree - rant - etc.

Deo Vindici …..

"... Political Correctness remains just what it was intended to be: a sophisticated and dangerous form of censorship and oppression, imposed upon the citizenry with the ultimate goal of manipulating, brainwashing and destroying our society." -- NewsMax.com

If the First Amendment fails, use the Second one.

There are three kinds of people in the world:
1) Those who do what they're told without question,
2) Those who control them, and
3) Those who refuse to play the game!

If You Love Our Nation - Stop Illegal Immigration

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