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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

casper 07-21-10

Of course WE are aware of all the "Great News" flying round about last night and this morning saying "Deliveries will Commence today and be complete by Friday including the IMF programs".

WE are sorry to have to report that, as usual, OUR Intel does not agree with everyone elses. WE do not enjoy being 'out of step' with good news.
The packs were retrieved from Treasury yesterday morning before they could be destroyed again. They were once again out for delivery today.
Last night the U.N. again pulled them back.
They simultaneously sanctioned a dozen trade attempts all of which were blocked.
They again attempted to access our accounts which was also blocked.
Meanwhile they tried mightily to have us and others report how hard they are coming down on Obama, Bush, Clinton, the Queen and the Vatican while in fact they were still 'cutting deals' with each of them last night.
The trigger packs were pulled back to New York or D.C., unsure which at this moment.
To them WE say 'Sorry, your B.S. is still B.S. whether Sold by the Pound or the Quart, AND, you need to find another outlet for your B.S.'.
Friends, the levels of outright CORRUPTION are amazing and appalling and beyond your imagining and are common to each and all of those who presently rule the world through their CONTROL of banking and 'money' if you wish to call their 'toilet paper' money.
What's next? WE don't know, but we intend to find out.
Casper 7-21-10

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