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Thursday, July 22, 2010

U.S. Government to America’s Vets: Drop Dead - Part II Con't from Part I

Vatic Note:  Once you fully understand the very big picture here,  all of this will make sense.  But that requires you read.  If there was ever a time to read, now is it.  We only get one chance at this and no more.  They have been preparing for a hundred years or more and we have not, thus we MUST do the research and studying now so we can come up with solutions that are critical to our survival in this war that has been going on against us all this time.   There is no humanity of one ounce in these people.  You have to accept that and when you do you will understand just how far they can and will go in perversion, the likes of which you have never seen before.  "BY DECEPTION WE WILL CONDUCT WAR" & THEY ARE GOOD AT IT. Since we had no idea it was being done. 

U.S. Government to America’s Vets: Drop Dead - Part II Con't from Part I

July 21, 2010 posted by Michael Leon

"Is the VA reversing its decades-old message to veterans: Die soon"

Continued from Part I -

Dr. Peter Breggin, one of our nation’s foremost experts about the adverse effects of psychiatric drugs being given to numerous active duty military personnel and veterans, has documented that these drugs can produce the same mental disturbances that define PTSD, such as hyperarousal, insomnia and paranoia. Furthermore, many psychotropic drugs have been proven to increase risks of suicide and some are under litigation for this reason. In the civilian population, approximately 33 percent of psychiatric hospital admissions are due to adverse drug reactions.[24]

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