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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Washington Post report supports accounts of military personnel keeping UFO secrets from commanders

Vatic Note: Again, after researching and digging into the Bill Cooper story and posting his "Majestic 12" article, I have moved from neutral to a believer and given the advancements in technology that is being held from the public, (the explanation Bill gave before he was killed (conveniently) as to why its being withheld) made perfect sense. More and more is coming out about how very rigid the military was about keeping this secret and given the patterns of behavior engaged in after the incident such as project Blue Book, and then the discontinuation, made it even more credible. We also have flying technology now that could easily have been done through reverse engineering. So, this issue is still alive, but remember what Bill said which maybe why he was killed, is that the powers that be intent to use this to frighten us about aliens as a global threat to globalize us into that fascist new world order they want so badly. He also suggested these aliens are the "good" guys and they may try to scare us into fighting the good guys who will try to aid us in this mess we are in down here moving toward total tyranny. I have no idea if this is true, but I find if we put out what is being written and then objectively observe the behavior and propoganda, we can tell which it is. It seems to work everytime. I have put the video first so we can tell what the conflict is between the pros and cons of the issue and then read what the Washington Post has exposed, however, keep in mind the Post is a NEOCON owned publication and that has to weight in on any consideration of the facts and truth of the issue. Again, look for independant and credible sources outside the gov and the banker controlled sources including scientists and universities since they are many times funded by the neocons.   We put the video first along with what the video is about.  We changed no words or statements, just rearranged the order in which it was presented.  So, watch the video interview and then read the article about the Wa Post disclosure. Is the "Shadow Government" in total control of this program that the taxpayer funds but does not have oversight by those who work for us???  Reminds me of the 2.7 Trillion missing from the pentagon that disappeared and was reported the day before 9-11 and the investigative team in the navy WERE KILLED and all documents were destroyed in the pentagon AND THEY WERE THE ONLY ONES WORKING IN THAT WING OF THE PENTAGON. 

Washington Post report supports accounts of military personnel keeping UFO secrets from commanders


July 19, 1:48 AMHonolulu Exopolitics Examiner

In an interview on Larry King Live, Mitchell confirmed the following
account of what occurred with Vice-Admiral Thomas Wilson.   Once Admiral Wilson identified this group, he told the contact person in this super-secret cell: “I want to know about this project.” And he was told, “Sir, you don’t have a need to know. We can’t tell you.” Now, can you imagine being an admiral, J-2, the head of intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, at the Pentagon, and being told, “We're not going to tell you”? Well, he was shocked and angry.

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