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Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Israeli Spy Ring (in America?)

Vatic Note:   (It took all day, but we finally got the videos back up through trickery.....lol Lets see how long they stay up.)  Well, it appears they have pulled the utubes so you will have to click on the links, its well worth the effort.   I simply was shocked at what our intel services discovered about the depth and breadth of Israeli's foothold in our country in spying and infiltration that could expose and track every single American citizen if they chose to do so.  Then I was shocked that this was all revealed through fox news and quashed by Bush and cheney and apparently is still being covered up by this administration.  In fact there was a purging of agents during this time that tried to do something about it and they were "retired" frm service and replaced by Israeli approved agents.  Hows that for controlling your government???  Watch these videos and then read the rest of the article, you will get an education YOU DID NOT EXPECT TO SEE OR RECEIVE.  I WAS EVEN SHOCKED.   I had to put them here because they would not allow them up on the blog...THAT IS HOW MUCH POWER THE ISRAEL GOVERNMENT HAS IN THIS COUNTRY.  DO YOU GET IT YET??? THAT IS WHO OUR ENEMY IS TURNING OUT TO BE.  NOW IT ALL MAKES SENSE.

Part I - scathing and revealing and includes 9-11.


Part II - Even more scathing and revealing and deeper investigation of Israelis and 9-11 worth the effort

Part III - This one is revealing about their intrusion into our companies telecommunications and now they can record every single conversation IN AMERICA, showing that Israel could back door these wiretaps and steal them from NSA.

Part IV - Israeli organized crime - problem with law enforcement phones being tapped by these criminals, its amazing this has been exposed, good for fox and yet nothing has happened, No wonder they cleared out so many CIA and FBI agents and replaced them with Israeli AIPAC approved agents. Hmmmmmmm

Besides the great documentation proving what we all have been speculating about Israel's role in just about everything bad that has happened to us, this whole piece also proves, given the use of the electronic infrastructure for spying,  that Lieberscum is the Traitor I suspected he was.   He wants to inhibit our ability to expose these kinds of proofs and to protect the Israeli spying mechanisms in place in this country used by Israel to literally control our government through BLACKMAIL which is illegal.  That is why none of what our reps were doing made any sense to us.   All phones in this country run through Israels spy network through their companies.  Amazing.  Now we know.  Now its a different ballgame.  Tell our reps, we don't care what they did that was so horrible,  we will forgive them if they come out and take back our nation and explain what happened and they can do it through our alternative press.  That is a solution.  At least tell them that.  Remember, ARMED WITH KNOWLEDGE SHIFTS THE POWER BACK TO US.

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