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Friday, July 16, 2010

casper 07-16-10

The packs are back in Treasury this morning on orders of the World Court which is providing legal 'cover' for Obama, Hillary, Geithner et al's refusal to let go of them.
All Documents presented to the U.N. by the World Court are Forged Documents, Forged by Hillary's on staff 'World Class Forger' and Approved by Obama.
Documents used in the various Bank Embezzlement Schemes were also Forged with the knowledge and approval of Obama and the World Court.
The purpose of the Forgeries was/is to steal the funds, all funds in all programs, for use in covering up the Embezzlements and Bailing out the Banks.  Proof of the Forgeries does exist.  
The U.N. has ordered the packs to be released immediately for delivery late today.
                    casper   7-16-10

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