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Monday, July 26, 2010

So Where Did Restore America Plan (RAP) Originate

Introduction – By now we know about Restore America Plan or RAP. We are also hearing about the Republic of the United States for the first time since we have been on the planet. But where did RAP come from is a good question.

Attack on Tim Turner – Well President Tim Turner did not start RAP. He was approached by the military as was Sam Kennedy. Let's stop here and now discount all the jealous leaders of other movements who will stoop low enough to do anything to slander Tim Turner. They are just jealous to the point of hurting RAP for a chance at maybe getting their movement going for their glory. These people have done nothing in terms of getting a movement going, have no foreign support, no funding, no military support, and yet want to knock Tim Turner and RAP down. Bad motives. Many of them are involved with raising money or selling things which is raising money. So by their logic drop RAP and Tim Turner because of what they say and go back to Obama while we wait for them to maybe do something. Great idea more Obama. If we ever did that and their movement took hold then the other pseudo leaders would jump in and then attack them for the similar reasons. Either you want to see the people get free or you are self-serving. Give RAP a chance.

Obama the Perfect Storm - The military had a plan to reboot the nation and needed civilians to help with the constitutional structure of the reboot plan. Remember we always said Obama was the perfect storm. He is so bad. Not qualified to hold office, numerous social security numbers, probably an illegal alien (as in from Kenya), never attended undergraduate school at Columbia, made Harvard Law Review and never published anything bear in mind this guy never attended undergraduate school so how could he ever publish anything since he is operating on a High School level, and he mysteriously gets propelled into the White House. He is a muslim on top of everything else. He is opposed to the nation and the people. He is an enemy of freedom and the American way. Obama pushed things way too far. So no surprise the military said ok we need to protect the nation from enemies within according to our oath.

The War College Plan - The War College was seeking for a plan to reboot the government in case of say a nuclear attack on Washington D.C. that got the executives and congress. Could be a massive earthquake, a biological or chemical attack or other disasters force majeur or otherwise. Something would need to be put in place for continuity in such an event. Such a plan would have to be constitutional as well. Apparently Bush had some sort of shadow government set up in place but possibly was never continued and just expired. His idea of a shadow government would have been deplorable anyway. Obama and Congress probably knew of no such War College Plan and there is no official plan in place that Congress ever voted on that was signed by a President. Thus we have RAP or Restore America Plan emerging and going into phase two with a provisional government in place.

Why the Three Guardian Elders of Restore America Plan – Well they were chosen by the military because they were active in constitutional law trying to fight for the rights of the regular folk in the corrupt de facto court system. The guardian elders had not anointed themselves as holding some sort of high office glorifying themselves when the military approached them. Dwell on this when you consider the RAP criticizers. Bear in mind if you and I know Bush Jr. did 9/11 so does the military. They also know of many other evils these people did that we are not aware of. The military knew the power had to go back to “we the people” and away from the bankster elite. Bear in mind the elite mistreat the military. They use experimental drugs on them. They have no respect for their life and limb sending them into combat for the economic gain of the elite. They have lousy benefits for them and the medical care given the wounded in not good. Just ask the military about the VA hospitals and see what they say. Suffice it to say the military saw the evils being perpetrated on the nation. Their families are also subject to these evils. They too understandably had enough.
So I assume the military looked for people that not only knew the constitution, they knew the evils of the de facto government specifically and legally, people that were moral and God fearing, People that did not seem to be in it for themselves. Thus they chose the Guardian Elders to lead. The military could only follow the orders of a lawfully seated government. Since they were protecting the country from enemies within, the existing government was too corrupt to listen to so an alternative needed creation that was lawful. They arrived at a solution, the RAP interim government.

The First Effort – The first effort involved serving the fifty governors with orders to correct the evils in the states or resign. These orders were approved by 50 de jeur grand juries, one for each state. Each grand jury has 27 members. Let me point out that this was a reasonable check and balance under the circumstances. Not a simple feat to raise over 1300 people. Did any of the RAP critics ever do that? Well to make a long story short the governors ignored the first deadline and it was extended to thirty days and this too was ignored. The military said ok this isn't working. It was thought the governors might agree to play straight and keep their office. So RAP needed to take another direction.

RAP Evolves – What the military wanted RAP to do was create an interim provisional government that was constitutional. They said they could not take orders from the three Guardian Elders. George Washington was the first constitutionally elected President but there were other President preceding him. The capital was in Philadelphia prior to D.C. Things evolve as one adapts to the circumstances. So RAP changed in a good way. It is changing the Fed and the governors. The states are each going to get an interim Governor and 10 representatives plus two senators. There will be an interim President, Vice President, Secretary of State, heads of department like Education, Homeland Security etc. The office holders are in for six months and will all have been approved by a 2/3 majority of the gran juries. The interim government office holders are there for six months only. It is felt it will take this long to enable honest voting and get away from the crooked electronic voting machines. They also intend to put the courts systems into RAP for constitutionality and common law in the courts. This alone can take six months.

Other Factors – Tim Turner has the support of 80 nations he said. Only a lawful provisional government would get such support. He has the trillions necessary to run the government and the gold to issue a gold backed currency he also said. Let's watch Tim work and not kick against him. I myself do not care for the alternative which is in office now. It has been said the original RAP documents that Sam Kennedy prepared back in March had portions of the military war college Continuity of Government in them. Since this was a classified document it can be deducted logically that Kennedy and Turner were in fact approached by the military. This was no coincidence.

Run For Office – You think you have better ideas than RAP. Ok so run for office. Shortly after the interim government is functioning the elections will start. As a wild guess I think the Republicans and Democrats are over for ever. About time. New candidates will be running. Look at the Libertarians, Tea Party and others. The country will be freer than any time any of us were on the planet. So in closing get your campaign in order and let us enjoy the freedoms of a constitutional government. As a tip: back biting doesn't help win elections. The people want to hear what you can do for them. Don't want to wait six months then go contact the state coordinator of RAP for your state and throw your hat in the ringer for a government post. Think Judge. Run for sheriff. What about Marshall or Prosecutor. There are things you can do before the six months. So get involved and work for the freedom and benefit of “We the People” and your efforts will be applauded wholeheartedly. Now is not the time for fighting amongst ourselves. United we stand, divided we fall. So let's all stand against the de facto thugs and reinhabit the republic and treat each other as neighbors. You know do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Never go wrong with this one.
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