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Monday, July 26, 2010

poof report 07-25-10

Greetings and Salutations:
I can't say much. I can just say that things are continuing, moving into position. All these projects that need to be funded are being funded. All the things that I've mentioned, in the last few weeks are important for the brave new world that is being engaged. Many changes in the medical field are afoot. Things that cure, that have been on the back burner, on shelves for years, will be brought forward. This will cause a lot of disruption, but it's like medicine that you have to take. The us has been the problem through the years and so all attention was put here first. Get it ready for it's change over, back to its constitution and no more corporation.
It is important to note, because I read, too, until you hear those announcements, there ain't no deliveries going on. People have got to be told their money is backed by precious metal. They have got to be told, that we have returned to the constitution of america. What all that means to the individual, will come through the announcements, which will just be the beginning, because they will continue for a while until all is said and done. No one in the world wants to see the us fall, it would be bad for the world economy. So many countries have added their money to the restructuring and restoring of america, as it was originally intended to be.
Be patient, there's a lot more going on here than just giving you some money. There's a whole world involved and everybody has their own little problems. Ours was the biggest because we are the economic engine of the planet. Balance had to be put in place for the whole, so the entire world would function properly. This is what you get when you promote globalism, then you gotta start acting global, forcing co-operation. Politics do not matter, I don't care if you're a republican, a democrat, an independent or whatever you call yourself, there's a whole world you got to learn to live in co-operatively. "We-itis" is a disease; it is about the individual learning to live well with others, not like little selfish kids. The us is broke, so things had to be done to rectify the problem. It's just taken longer than any of us thought.
The masses are hurting, that's clear. This is what is being worked on right now, despite the politics you hear. When things are fully engaged, you will understand. Things that you didn't think possible, you will see in your lifetime, including all of the techs and medical things that have been on the shelf and hidden for years. My job was to be the harbinger of the future. That future has arrived and the last details are being brought forth right now. There was a lot more added to make this complete changeover from the past. So as we were put in various different delays, the people behind the scenes kept working as things were being cleared out. The time to look the new gift horse in the mouth will comes when they are done. I'm sorry this couldn't be faster, but you don't change the world every day, do you?
While "she's comin' 'round the mountain, driving six white horses," you gotta look out for the rocks and stones as you're gaining speed coming down that mountain. Otherwise you get an 'ass over tin kettles' so you gotta be careful. You'd have to load that wagon back up after you spilled everything. A lot of people don't want to see those horses and wagon getting into town. I know we've wanted everything 'yesterday', but without the total view of what had to be done, you can be left in your mind thinking 'it'll never happen' or 'somebody stole it'. It's so much bigger than you have any concept,
After over ten years of writing, at this final stage, I'm left with information I cannot write about. Dump your fear of it 'not happening', just be patient and let it be done. I don't need to show what I know to satisfy some ego need. My job was to bring you to the water and let somebody else tell you what you need to know about your new world.
Someone from the office will reach you if you need a consultation. Donations accepted and needed at www.paypal.com, account 2goforth.
Love and Kisses,
Poofness and friends 

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