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Friday, July 30, 2010

casper 07-30-10

As previously reported, when OBAMA "escaped" from the Tribunal last Sunday night it became obvious 'something was just not right'. That 'something', WE can now report, is that the Chief Judge of the Tribunal was in bed with and assisting Obama. No one simply 'walks away' from such as was going on there. It was very suspicious from the first moment as he arrived at the White House by helicopter Monday morning waving gleefully for CNN.

The Chief Justice had informed Obama and others that he could get all charges against them reduced or even waived entirely. He then allowed Obama and the Clintons to return to the U.S., then he personally arrived in the U.S. Tuesday or Wednesday.

His first mistake was allowing them to walk. His second mistake was approaching the Attorneys  to drop the Class Action Lawsuit. His third mistake was to interfere with and assist in the blocking of deliveries. His fourth mistake was guiding DOJ (acting for Obama) to file a lien against all programs and funds. His fifth mistake was to continue the attempts to trade the funds even as recently as last night.

He has been caught in all these activities and will now be taken before the Tribunal and Prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. He is an embarrassment to the other Judges and he is enroute to the Tribunal now and may have arrived already.

The Tribunal has ordered the Clintons to return immediately and to bring the Bride with them and if they do not comply 'other arrangements will be made for their transportation'. The Clintons say they are 'not going anywhere'. The Bride received huge amounts of Embezzled Funds. You may recall our report some time ago in which Chelsea was quoted as saying 'you can't do this, my daddy stole these funds legally'. WE wait now to see what the outcome of this confrontation will be.

Another 'release' for deliveries has occurred. Deliveries first as WE have always said, then the other matters to follow. A very slim chance for today, more likely tomorrow.

                    casper   7-30-10

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