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Thursday, July 22, 2010

casper's opinion 07-22-10

NOT PRACTICAL TO RETURN TO THE GOLD STANDARD says BERNAKE this morning in his Q&A with the House Banking Committee. And the Dow jumps 200 points. Think 'The Street' is not paying attention???
In other words, 'we are going to show the world who runs and controls this world' says the U.N., Obama and Bernake.
'What happens to you, the country or the worlds economies is not relevant, maintaining ourselves and our Political Puppets in power is all that matters. If necessary we will make every living person and creature dependent upon a Government check or subsidy based on 'thin air' money rather than allow our Fraudulent Financial Playpen to be interfered with'.
This 'Dark Cabal' has been in place since 1913 and long before that, truth be told. Allowing the 'system' to be changed so that countries can issue their own currencies without owing interest to a Privately Owned Banking Cartel would be their death knell, they know that and they will do anything, anything at all, to stop it from happening. The Political Establishments, here and abroad, are addicted to the heroin (money and power) provided them by those who 'run the world'. Only a handful have the personal principals to support a return to the Constitution, Honest Money and Morality in Government and to defeat the existing Illuminati System of Bribery, Blackmail and Death.
Of course it has been obvious since the first G-20 meeting a year ago that decisions had been taken to flood the world with funny money to preserve the status quo. Statements were made and later repeated by Obama and other Political Puppets who work for the Money Powers. So, there is really nothing new here, just an intensification of an already 'boiling over' situation. They are saying again, 'we will never give up, we will not cooperate, this world belongs to us, we are Gods, you can all go to hell, we are going to steal all the money one way or another, everything belongs to us, you are ignorant peasants who deserve nothing except maybe a Government issued check should we decide to give you one'.
The U.N. is being 'controlled' by 'them'. Just as AARP often acts against the interest of its members, just as Union Bosses often act against the interest of its own members, just as the U.S. Government often acts against its own people, so to is the U.N. acting against the interest of its own Member States which want their funding just as we want ours. If the world is a pyramid of people, the 'cap' on the pyramid, as pictured on the dollar bill, are the Elites of the world who view the rest of us as their slaves and will stop at nothing to preserve their 'control' of the world.
Defeating 'them' was never to come 'by mutual agreement'. It is a WAR. In war there are 'casualties'. They are intent on victory with the masses as the casualties. We see it differently and many good people are battling them tooth and claw. If you have no other way in which to help, or even if you do, your prayers are needed for those facing these Monsters, these 'World Controllers'.
The stakes are so high and the people, generally speaking, so uninformed. 'They' view themselves as above the law and so far, who can argue with them? As we were taught by 'S' before he was forced into exile, our country is still under the 'Lieber Code', a form of Martial Law instituted by Lincoln when the South walked out of Congress enmass at the beginning of the Civil War. The powers of "The Presidency" since then, further amplified by the establishment and growth of "The Corporation", provides an Unconstitutional Legal Construct which he/she hides behind, which shields the President, which, after a time, allows him to conclude that he is in fact a GOD, that he can not be touched no matter what he does.
The President, in this illegal 'mindset', is supported by 43% or so of the people whether he is a Republican or a Democrat. This 43%, which is actually 86%, in their ignorance of the truths YOU have learned over recent years, have no concept of what has been done to them already as their attention is constantly diverted by the Politicians who know what is going on but have no allegiance to either party, or to their country for that matter, as their loyalty is to the 'Money Powers', the Corporation, The Illuminati, the Status Quo. With 'their' control of the Mainstream Media there is no way to 'educate' a sufficient portion of either group of 43%, much less both, to the real issues being contested on a world scale. "The People" have been sufficiently 'dumbed down' and are 'controlled' to such an extent that our 'overlords' now brag openly saying 'the people have no idea what is going on and they are never going to find out because we now control the media worldwide'. The Pope refers to us as the 'peasants', the Queen as 'her subjects', and Bush/Obama/Clinton as 'the stupid undeserving program participants'.
Now, for the only "news" in this 'opinion piece' I am going to tell you what is behind all the sabotage and shenanigans at the United Nations and exactly why they are blocking our deliveries. As previously reported 38 plus charges were filed and adjudicated against Obama/Clinton et al over the opening of the packs at Justice. Then many more against them and Geithner and Treasury Personnel when they were again opened there. Arrest warrants are awaiting all of them, awaiting deliveries which lead to announcements which leads to the Constitution which provides the Legal Construct to put to an end once and for all to such BullChit as the Lieber Code, Emergency Powers, Executive Orders, rule by 'Public Policy' etc., i.e. it brings down many things INCLUDING OBAMA. The Member States of the United Nations which have 'black' populations are in revolt, not wanting their hero OBAMA to take his medicine for all his corruption and his illegal activities and his never ending sabotage of deliveries and the many many many things he has done as reported here as they occurred. Many of you found it unbelievable the things WE were reporting but they were true. Corruption on a scale exceeding anything in this country's history, all to preserve himself in power and to preserve the status quo. Now these countries, the number unknown at this writing, are demanding that OBAMA be given a pass, A GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD. This is the "secret problem" at the heart of recent delays and sabotage by the U.N. itself.
Those of you who read and retain what these updates report will recall previous threats by Obama, dutifully reported, that if necessary 'he would play the race card'.
casper 7-22-10 opinion

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