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Monday, July 19, 2010

poof report 07-18-10

Greetings and Salutations:
As I've said, we are in the funding process now and it is past the point of anyone stopping or stealing or delaying anything. ms. merkel herself discovered how serious it was when she was told that if she interfered or attempted to interfere, she would leave office immediately. It can be done! The ' whip' cracked in the East and traveled unto and through the us with no stops, green lights all the way. Our time for individual celebration is near. Prior to that, you will start to see a sudden change in the economics and unemployment and banking.
Have you noticed this week that two very large banks, all of a sudden, found billions that they had 'hidden' somewhere. There is no more hiding money. There have been more changes in the banking system than they have yet to make public. You will be told what changes have happened once the announcements begin. The changes that are upon us with all of this, are so profound as to sound like fantasy right now. I would suggest for all listeners and readers to not be surprised by anything that you hear or see from now on.
In review, the 7 super banks that will handle world banking from now on are online. Many banks have changed ownership which also has not been reported in the news. Things that have passed in Congress are in preperation
First of all, if you believe in God, I suggest that you thank God every day whenever you think about it. 'Thank yous' are the currency of Heaven. And the joy and prosperity due to us all is happening as we speak, and is gaining momentum minute by minute and it is absolutely wonderful. If you are agnostic, then thank the physics of the universe because physics dictates the end of entropy. That is the time we have entered in, that's why it's called change. We are saying good-bye to the past and stepping into a brave new world. Those who wish to keep the old world and the ways of it, will find themselves very lonely and considered obsolete. Those who do good or treat their neighbors like they themselves want to be treated, the return will be phenomenal.
Only a few strokes of the pen are needed to complete all the work that's been done over the years. The new system will take effect, the results of which will be first seen as a beginning of funding special projects to do with poverty, the least fortunate of our humanity, 'our kids and seniors'. Money itself is not an evil thing, what we do with it makes the difference. Whatever we ask for that is of the highest good, we shall receive. Again, be careful what you wish for because you will receive it. This is all in accordance of the laws of the universe.
Anyone paying attention to the news is hearing some unbelievable things right now. As people go through their guts of emotion, I have one question. "What color is God?" This is getting ridiculous. I thought we went through this in the 60s, here we are revisiting those issues again. "Sometimes, it makes me wonder". It's time to grow up, people. We're not doing 1862 again, we ain't doing the 40s again, we're stepping into the future. Wars will cease, because you need money to fight wars. Terrorists need money to terrorize. Neither war-like group is getting any money. They'll have to throw rocks from now on. Trust me, dear reader, within 30 days, this world will not be the same.
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Love and Kisses,
Poofness and Friends
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