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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

casper 07-20-10

This isn't the first time the Pope was involved in this

After the packs were destroyed a second time, in Treasury, they were being reconstituted at the U.N. in New York and they were to go out last night for delivery today.
The U.N. was BRIBED last night by the POPE and the D.C. CABAL using all funds in all programs as the bait and the U.N. sent the packs back to Treasury overnight where they have been ordered destroyed for the third time.
They say they are going to show the World "who runs and who controls the World" and stated further that they would block any Internet Site which tries make this Intell public.
A 'SPECIAL' Court set up to overcome the corruption of the World Court has also been bribed.
'They' have been informed that they 'got lucky' once regarding moving and/or stealing the funds but that it will never happen again.
The POPE and 'all the usual suspects' reported here are involved in this latest sabotage.
More when possible.
casper 7-20-10
p.s. The Pope says they have been stealing for more than a thousand years and he sees no reason for them to stop now. He says they even stole from Hitler.

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