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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Critical History - The U.S. is a CORPORATION

Posted by: wacla.org

On the Fourth of July 1776,

the American states were united at war with Great Britain and had just declared their Independance.  But what did it mean?  What does it mean now? - Independence.  This nation acted like one of England’s colonies for hundreds of years and in that time had grown to become one of Great Britain’s most productive resources.  Then the French American War began and England came to defend the “colonists” incurring great debts and finally winning the war.  Britain decided that it needed to keep troops here even though it did not have sufficient forts and that it could not afford to build such forts; therefore they decided to compel the people here to quarter the British troops in their homes with room and board; for protection of such troops they confiscated the peoples guns; the King also created a sales tax.  The rights of the colonists became so abused that it became necessary to stand against Great Britain’s abuse over, “the last straw” — though most of the sales taxes were dropped, on a few key imported items like tea and shugar they went from from 3% to 6%.  In response, rather than paying the increased tax, some of the colonists had a party (the Boston Tea Party) and threw a load of tea into the harbor;  while others formed the Declaration of Independence and went to war.
When the War was over they formed a new foundational document, The Articles of Confederation, that document recognized this nation as a nation made up of independent sovereign United States, and gave the name “The United States of America” to the new government.  Many of the people of this new nation felt that it was wrong to leave England.  Sure there were rights violations but those were livable and their future was a certainty as an English Colony.  Now that they were on their own nothing at all was sure.
Over the next ten years conditions in this country continually got worse.  The individual States gave little regard to any other State and paid nearly no attention at all to the central government.  After ten years of independence from Great Britain conditions were far worse than they had ever been under Great Britain’s rule and protection.  Many wanted government officials to go back to Great Britain and beg the King to take us back, and they almost did.

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